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Why Not Paperless?

Corpus Christi, can’t our school go paperless?? Is it really necessary that I fill out or sign at least two forms plus throw out 5-10 pieces of paper a day from the school?? At least our student sign in/sign out/volunteer log has gone paperless. The school district just replaced every single computer older than three years old yet they can’t figure out a way to cut the (on average) 1 1/2 bags of garbage I fill a month with school paper? It’s mind boggling, frustrating, and terrifying. Me thinks I should bring the Manduka PROLite up at the next PTA meeting.

Shorts, umbrellas, parkas, mittens, and sandals: all items we’ve needed to wear one day or another in the past week. We’ve had spring, summer, fall, and winter in the past seven days. It even snowed last Friday. Nuts. Oh, I got that job, but I’m not going to take it. Long story short, it’s just not a good fit for my life. I had a meeting for my group yesterday, and it was quite disappointing (only one other person came). I’m the sole person responsible for it right now, and it takes up a fair amount of time, and for what results? Hopefully, things will improve with time. Anyway, pics…

For the first time this year, I sewed yesterday! I only fixed some curtains and broken bag handles, but still. I used my vintage Japanese machine and I love it! I think I’m going to pack my Singer away and use this one from now on. I need to get it serviced though.

Anyway, I have been very inspired lately, looking around and noticing, for what feels like the first time, the colors of spring. When I was growing up, Daffodil Hill was the place to be in early spring. The bright yellow and green made me feel so invigorated. Now, the colors of my spring time are pinky purple (the Redbuds) and the lime-y, shocking green of other trees. I get that same happy feeling I did as a child…even if my eyes are watery, I’m sneezing, and I haven’t been able to smell anything in a week, haha.

Flickr is another great place to find your muse. I have a ton of favorites. All bright, cheery, and colorful. You can’t help but smile when you look at the photos. And with that, I’m off to make something!

The good:

I got a 98 on the aide’s exam I took last week to become a library aide.

The bad:

I don’t have the experience working with the Honeywell HFD-120-Q that is needed for the position. In the state of Texas, raising your own children does not count. Seriously.

The in between: BUT, the application is “open” which means I can edit it continuously for a year. The proctor giving the exam said you can volunteer in the classroom (I usually work for the staff at the kids’ school, not volunteer in the classroom), become a sub, go on a field trip with your kid, even, and add that. Woot!

The good: I’m finally holding an open house for the mother’s support group I’m helping to charter here.

The bad: I am sooooo nervous about it. I hope Yolanda can come down and help me!

The good: This one also has to do with a new gig, but I’m not going to dish until I learn more.