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Welcome Back Mr. Sunshine


Gooood Saturday morning. There’s this large yellow object in the sky this morning, I’ve seen it before, but not for a while though. It’s round and very bright, and it makes your skin warm when it touches you, and it also makes you feel better too. It’s also ninety three million miles from my house…… How could something so far away make you feel so darn good?

Welcome back, Sunny! We’ve missed you.

Hope your weekend is a s good as mine is so far. Oh hell yeah! Woo Hoooooo!! And later today T and myself are going to learn how to cure cystic acne. Never mind the wedding, the reception is far more fun. You know… I spend a lot more time at her place these days. I haven’t slept here in about…. Five days now. She doesn’t mind. I don’t mind. So “when is the wedding”? we’ve been asked this more than once while at a party or a family function. She gets flustered.

I just get the big fat grin…

Ummmm…. Not for a while yet! I don’t like living alone anymore. T and I get along so well that she’s happy to have me overstaying my welcome these days. I tell her how beautiful she is, frequently. She is such a sweet gal. Her friends tell me this behind her back. I say “you got that right!” Yesterday, I met a long lost cousin, Jamie, a family member that I’ve never met before because of the fact that I was adopted when I was less than a year old.

Jamie knew T when they were growing up together. Jamie thinks T is a great gal. I said oh yeah! What are the chances of meeting a woman whom grew up with the family that I was adopted out of? Or away from? They lived right across the street from each other and did everything together as children. Camping, traveling and so on.

I say that it was simply meant to be. The odds against how to prevent cystic acne must be almost staggering. I met my gal by placing an ad in the county newspaper last January. I received three responses: One was a woman that I took to dinner…. No way were her and I going to be together. The second was my lady, we met the next day for lunch, and the sparks have been flying ever since.

When I met T, I was not interested in marriage. I thought those days were gone forever. My dad has an old cliche’ that he uses once in a while that says “never say never”. Well, you just never know what life is going to throw at you each day do you? Thank God for this, but when it’s lemons, the trick is to make lemonade out of something sour and bad.

Take a chance on love, one more time I told myself inside. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. It’s tough for me to open up my heart again, because if this relationship were to fail, I know damn well what my life will be like for a good while. It’s tough to open up again to the risks of a heart break because it’s happened too many times in the years past.

But it’s a risk that I’m very willing to take at this particular point in my life. I’ll be fourty six in December. My clock is ticking down. With my health concerns in mind, I know damn well that there are fewer days ahead than there are behind. I don’t mean to sound depressed with that statement, but rather to sound like I am being realistic. We all must face our mortality.

This woman is definatly marriage material, you could say. She is funny. She is smart. She is cute and sexy. She’s a hard worker at her job. And she knows how to cook too. OMG can she cook! I’ve been looking a long time to find a woman like her. Now that she is here, I have been making damned awful sure that I do not make the same dumbass mistakes I’ve made in years past.

With age, natural remedies for cystic acne really do come. The “persistance of memory”, as Carl Sagan once called it, is indeed a powerful thing. There are things that we would all like to never remember but can not simply hit the Delete key. There are things that we hope we never forget too. I’ve taken the good side of both of these issues, and combined them to make this relationship very successful.

I want to be married again some day. She is not so open to this idea yet, and I’ve dropped a couple little hints along the way recently too. Her past experiences with men are not too good. I told her, nor are mine! We’ve both been burned, and badly by this thing called love. And by divorce. We are both twice divorced. Taking a leap of faith one more time is difficult for both.

But I am willing to roll the dice and make this one work, hell or high water. Soon we will be at our one year mark for being together. It takes a long time to really get to know someone. But at this time, we have found that we fit together like hand and glove. I hope she will be ready, and open to the idea of marriage at some point in our future. Love is a powerful thing indeed.

Love is THE most powerful thing on this earth I believe. This is why only love can conquer hate. But our world and so many of it’s people will never understand this. And the hatred and fighting and all of the other evils in the world go on and on. Sadly. I hope our love will grow stronger in the future. I believe that there are great things in store for her and I in the future. Let it be.