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Vital Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Sales


The most serious sales and profit destroying mistake I see affiliates commit on nearly a daily basis is using the same default newsletter articles, mailing list advertisements, classified ads, banners, text ads, and every other freely provided by the affiliate program advertisement that everyone else is using to promote the same product or service.

Being unique is one of the most powerful strategies you can utilize to explode your sales with affiliate programs. This is especially true if you have used the strategies I recommend to find the best affiliate programs to promote because they become extremely popular and as a result the default ads become quickly saturated and non-effective.

How to Do It

Think about it.  You find an amazing product, like the Fjallraven Kanken, to market as an affiliate. Because it is amazing it quickly becomes a HOT ITEM that affiliate marketers will be scrambling to promote. If you are all using the same ads to promote it then what difference does it make if I buy it from you or from someone else?

On top of that many customers in your target market won’t be pulled in by the same advertisement. If you are using the same one as everyone else they won’t even bother reading yours if they have seen it already. However, if you go at the potential customer from a completely different angle then everyone else and it grabs their attention then they will visit any might decide to buy from you.

There are many different ways that you can be different then everyone else. Being unique in every possible way is the best route to take in the long run. Let’s look at some of the best ways to separate yourself from the pack right from the start.

First, at a minimum you should purchase your own keyword riche domain name associated with the product or service you will be promoting. This one is simple to explain:

Which would you rather visit?

The majority of web surfers are going to choose A. People are just getting immune to the affiliate style URLs that are given out routinely by thousands of affiliate programs everyday. Even worse if they do choose B, they will probably cut ‘n paste the URL and remove the affiliate part it at the end.

Next, write your own sales copy. At minimum if you feel you must use the canned copy they provide you should make some major changes to it so that it is unique. You definitely should not be forwarding your original domain to your affiliate link.

Writing your own sales copy that is hosted on your own domain allows you to use many powerful marketing strategies that a normal affiliate will be unable to capitalize on.

1) You can test all of the main elements of your website such as the headline, body, images, order form, etc. so that you can find out what works the best and leave them in the dust using the bland copy everybody else is using.

2) You can use your own subscription form and capture the prospects email address so you can follow up with them not only to temp them to purchase the product they are interested in but also to sell them on any future related products you may begin promoting. Why give the affiliate program all of the prospects that you worked so hard to generate?

3) You can add your own bonuses that they will receive after they purchase the product or service through you! What do you think the prospect would rather do? Buy the product with the default bonuses or buy the product with the default bonuses and the huge bonus package that you have put together to go along with it? This one is a no-brainer.

4) You can design your own graphics, box covers, header images, etc. to completely differentiate you from the rest of the field, similar to how the S366 turbo is marketed.

Again these are just a couple of the ways you should be using to put yourself ahead of the competition in the affiliate marketing business.  There are many more ways including writing your own ads, giving away your own viral e-books and reports, creating your own autoresponder training course, and much more.

Make sure you have this site in your bookmarks and check back often and I will be expanding on these other powerful methods soon.