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Finding Staff for Your Organization

Have you ever found a difficult staff in your organization? The first time, I had a hard time with one of my staff. As you know, when peoples have been working for years, they start thinking of seniority and it’s natural. To solve such problem, some managers might make a transfer to diff rent department. Ideally, the action is helping the staff to be a function and productive. If this method works, you may be use it to approach other staff who also consider difficult staff. But some extreme managers might be ready to fire them after they try many times with their methods for working the Rabbit Air MinusA2 but no positive result. So, what should manager do as common sense to approach difficult staff?

Make any identification to staff whether he/her a difficult person. This is important to manager to avoid a big mistake on making decisions. Think positive. Sometimes, people seems to be unable to get along with but actually they are facing a problem but don’t how to solved. Usually when person in a problem they are very sensitive and easy to attack the colleague. Means, if you already know their problem, make a contact and approached them try to give a solution.

Some people are willing to keep their secret, avoid of making them losing their face in public. Identified whether the problem can be solved personally or confidential. Let keep it private and confidential as a psychologies aspect. Talk to them personally and don’t let other know the problem.

Classified and measure the type of problem and how big the influence to their working performance and also company productivity. If it’s considered a small problem, you try to solve it. If it’s considered a big problem and complex you need other managers to give an advice and make a better discussion or maybe you need a lawyer to help you identified problem. In this case, you don’t need to wait as it will be bigger and bigger problem.

Never stop and never give up to handle such case. Basically human behavior is about time changing. Now what and how do you approach the difficult staff and what is suitable thing to be done for such matter? Communication, Motivation, Think of their Financial and Non-Financial side and other aspect which you can reduce the number of difficult staff in your organization.

A small guide for waiters or waitress in the restaurant to enable how to perform up selling. What does an up selling? Up selling is some kind of promoting items which is due to some reasons. Maybe the item is under promotion which is a joint venture with the suppliers or the kitchen experience over stock on the day. To anticipate unsold items or goes to wastage, Kitchen Manager have to communicate with front of the house Managers to inform their waiters to promote or to up sell these particular items.

Here, a guide how to promote or up sell certain items. Let take an example. One day, kitchen experience too much load of prime ribs, the estimation on how much pound ribs to be load is correct, the day was expected to be busy but heavy rain caused less customers walk in. So, the kitchen have number of prime ribs need to be clear by today. Prime is the most difficult item to manage, if you don’t selling them today, they will not be good to sell tomorrow, different from other item which can be sold for the next day in case on unsold today.

As mentioned before that waiters will be doing up selling, trying to get you to buy an air purifier for mold, so everybody focus on prime ribs selling. Here how to do up selling, when the customer seated, waiter will do menu presentation, take the drinks order and appetizers. Just before they left suggest the costumers whether they like Prime Ribs to be their main course? After serving them drinks waiter must remind them again, ask them about having Prime Ribs for their main course? If they don’t take, doesn’t matter. Do the same thing to the next table, and so on. Can you imagine when everybody doing the same thing, the manager not anymore worry about prime ribs going to be a wastage and further more by up selling will increase restaurant revenue as prime rib also an expensive items?

Happy trying and have a nice day