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Nail Color for your Skin tone


In the past, we have looked at what our nail polish color says about us, but sometimes choosing a color that matches our outfit, our mood,our eye color or even our skin tone becomes more important to us.

Choosing a polish based on your skin tone might initially seem bizarre, but many of us choose our hair color, lipstick, make up and clothing color based predominantly on which colors match our natural skin tone, and this is exactly the same for nail polish too.

Have you ever noticed that you look better when you wear gold or silver jewellery, or black or white tops – you don’t need as often of a treatment for cystic acne? Well, nail color is pretty much the same thing. I, for one, love wearing black nail varnish, but on it’s own (meaning, without a white or silver pattern created using one of Konad’s image plates), I always find that the color of my hands look pale and a little washed-out. This is most likely to be down to the fact that I have a naturally pale skin tone.

So, what colors look the best with your skin tone?

Light/Fair Skin Tones – Typically, this means that you have quite pale skin. So, if like Will and Grace star DebraMessing, you are quite pale, wearing dark colors such as black or navy blue will risk making you look even paler. However, if like me you love dark shade, then choosing a dark color with a pale glitter, or paired with a light nail art, can take the attention away from the contrast with your skin. Yellow and gold shades are also the biggest no-no’s. Other than that, fair skinned ladies can wear pretty much any color, from bolds to pastels depending on your personality, and how “rosy” your complexion is. However, it’s important to remember that pale pinks and purples look best for a subtle look, whilst dark plums and burgundy shades work better for grabbing attention.

Dark/Tanned Skin Tones – By tanned, we mean a dark tan, rather than a subtle tan. Dark skinned women, such as singer Rihanna, have the honour of being able to pull off virtually any dark nail polish, from black, navy blue, dark pinks etc. Practically any dark, rich color will look fabulous with your skin tone. You should avoid paler, pastel shades, which will appear washed out by your dark skin. Bright colors, such as oranges and  neon-shades should also be a no-go area for you if you are working on how to get rid of severe acne.

Natural Sunkissed Tanned Tones – This skin tone, refers to women, such as Home andAway’s Martha, with sun or bottle tans, that are relatively pale and natural looking. Warm, but pale shades of nail polish look absolutely perfect with tanned complexions, as they complement the tone.

The Secret to choosing color: Just remember, that typically, although not always, pale skin matches pale shade, whilst darker skin matches dark shades.

Whatever your skin tone, wear whatever you feel best suits you, and enjoy your nails.