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Is Joe Still Famous?


Joe the Plumber certainly is getting his 15 minutes of fame, and I believe, with good reason.  The liberals are doing their digging to try and discredit him.  I have heard that he doesn’t even have a license.  I don’t know how much of his story is true, but it matters little to me.  It would be a good story if it were all true; he’s a hard working plumber; saving up to buy a company of his own; it is pretty successful and it is currently making over $250,000 a year; and he’s concerned about what an Obama presidency would mean to him.

For me, if Joe the plumber doesn’t actually have a license and mayber the business is a pipe dream, but he is a John McCain supporter who really wanted to hear how Obama aswered that question, then more power to him.  It is a very legitimate question about used riding lawn mowers for sale.

What if Joe the Plumber was all the invention of some clever McCain campaigner; I would say that it was brilliant.  Before you liberals get all excited by that please don’t embark on that scandal train.  The country is groing weary of the nonscandelous scandels that we have endured during the Bush Bashing years.  This would be nothing more than clever politics.  The republicans don’t really have their own brand, and it is nothing that the Democrats haven’t been dishing up themselves.  Politics is politics folks.

If the original scenario were the truth, it does make for a better story, a little more warm and fuzzy, so to speak.  If the second scenario were the truth, then Joe the Plumber gets kudos from me for taking matters into his own hands and getting Obama to really answer that question without help from his very clever campaign experts.  If the third scenario is the real truth, then more power to them, it is about time.  Someone has to get to the real truth.

The real truth is that there are millions of Joe the Plumbers all across this great country.  I am Joe the Plumber.  We have all worked hard to get where we are, and to own our own companies.  We are all concerned about an Obama presidency.  Obama answered truthfully when he said that he wanted to help those people who don’t have as much as Joe by just taking a little and helping them to succede.  He said he believes in wealth redistribution.  We conservatives have been referring to that as Socialism, and it seems to be at the very core of the difference between republicans and used riding mowers.

We Joe the Plumbers are very worried.  Class warfare is being used in this election and it is very scary.  It is easy to make those individuals making less believe that those making more are somehow evil, especially in light of what has happened recently on Wall Street, with stories of CEOs walking with millions while our banking system is collapsing.  But Joe the Plumbers everywhere are suffering along with everyone else.  Because of this economy, there is less work and it is tough to make ends meet and to keep making payroll.  Obama wants to make us pay for the insurance of our employees as well.  Some of us just can’t do that right now; what will happen in that case, I don’t know, but that is a huge concern for many Joe the Plumbers.  My husband and I have also invested in several pieces of real estate as an investment; now apparantly with this class warfare going on; trying to make money with that kind of an investment will also be penalized with capital gains taxes going up.

We are getting older and worried about our senior years, just like everyone else.  So I am a Joe the Plumber between a rock and a hard place, when it is suggested, as it was by another blogger that someone making over $250,000 should be taking care of seniors.  Making over $250,000 in business is not what you think it means.  We Joes are struggling to keep business going.  The democrats are pandering for your vote when they use used zero turn mowers to make you think it is ok to let your government decide who can afford to take care of you.  It is the job of our government to keep our borders safe and to keep it’s citizens safe, to keep our freedoms under the constitution safe and to provide equal opportunity to all.

I know I have been rambling, but the main point of this blog is that Joe the Plumber, no matter what the story behind the story is, was successful in having Obama speak the truth about his platform of wealth redistribution in an honest unscripted way.  Democrats seem to be moving farther and farther left and this platform is probably just fine with them, but I would implore any more moderate thinkers to rethink what this very liberal, socialistic agenda could mean to our country.