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Inflatable Swimming Pools & Barbecue Grills: Summer Specials


The kids are finally home for summer vacation! After the first week, every parent dreads the familiar refrain, “I’m bored!” For those of us who work at home like myself, keeping children safely entertained is crucial or we won’t make a living! No matter what your circumstances, outdoor summer recreation is fun and can save you a bundle off day trips. Here are a few suggestions:

Pop Up Inflatable Swimming Pools

You can have fun without having to install an in ground pool. Whether you have a balcony, tiny yard or vast estate, a pop up summer pool is a first-rate suggestion and a better alternative if you’re looking for something flexible, simple and low maintenance. In just minutes, your children (and you!) will be cooling off in a comfy new swimming pool. Some states have fencing laws even for small pools so make sure you check them out before you get started.

We love the one with a blow up ring at the top. You use a simple pump to inflate the singular chamber then fill the pool with water. A small filter attaches through the hoses provided with the pool. You add your own chlorine tablets to keep the water clean. It is a low maintenance way to splash around on a hot day without fees or driving to get to a beach or public pool.

A few of the best Inflatable Swimming Pools available from Amazon include:

  • Banzai Crazy Crab Spray Pool
  • Aqua Leisure 48 inch Popup Pool
  • Bellows Foot Pump for Inflatables
  • Intex 18′ by 42″ Quick Set Pool Package

Barbecue Grills

Who can resist the distinctive flavor of barbecued burgers, steaks and chicken after a long day? Whether you barbecue for yourself, family or friends, summer isn’t the same without a grill. If you are an apartment dweller, verify the rules for using a grill on your balcony or outdoor space to avoid interruption of your dinner. Just use caution: if you accidentally use your grill to close to an open door or window that leads into your home, you may wind up getting so much smoke inside that you’ll need to invest in an air purifier to purge the odors from the space.

We prefer the old-fashioned round charcoal grill with a big lid. We purchased one for under $50 and love it! A cheap barbecue grill can work out pretty well, can be as effective as more expensive models.

Our friends use a gas grill and enjoy the convenience of instant cooking power. We still don’t mind waiting for the coals to heat up because they give the meat that summery flavor. When I was single, I used a folding tabletop grill to cook up a quick burger or hot dog for myself after a hectic day at work. I also used to bring it to the beach to avoid paying $5+ for a burger from the concession stand.

And a few more tips: besides meat, add potatoes and fresh summer veggies from the local market for a well-balanced meal right off the grill. Cut up the meat and veggies, put them on skewers and create your own kabobs!