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Immigration or Not?


My father and mother immigrated to America from the northern part of Italy as children. They went through Ellis Island and were stamped W.O.P., which meant WITHOUT PAPERS. So I guess technically they were illegal

At least they didn’t change my father’s first name to TONY and ship him to New York.

Seriously, we all know what part immigrants played in building the great United States of America. The problem we have in America today is not with immigration but with illegal immigration. We must secure our borders with Mexico and Canada, and then set up an Ellis Island building to process illegal immigrants as soon as possible into America citizens who pay all taxes, their own educational costs, and their own health care costs.

Once we secure our borders and start processing new America citizens we must deal with the 16 to 20 million illegal’s we have living’ today.

One must remember the majority of hard working, law abiding’ assets to the American economy if they become citizens.

I say if they have a steady job for one year they can become naturalized citizens within six months. This way U.S. law enforcement can sort out newly made U.S. citizens from the illegal criminals.

Of course we will have to raise the minimum wage about $2 PER HOUR and of course the newly made citizens would probably have to work two or three jobs (like the rest of our lower income and middle income Americans).

We must not continue to let big business (National Chamber of Commerce) etc., etc., bring in illegal workers and not pay them a living wage.

Other American citizens are being taxed to subsidize their education, health care, and costs of increased law enforcement.

It’s time we American citizens realize being an American citizen isn’t the big deal it used to be. Most Americans are poor, lower income, and middle income, are in debt or living from paycheck to paycheck.

America needs hard working, law abiding citizens who want to live the American Dream even if it takes whole family to do it.

Will my solution to illegal immigration be fair to all? Hell no, but who said life was fair?