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How the Fjallraven Kanken can Boost the Economy


We all know what needs to happen to get this economy back on track. We all will have to make sacrifices and be willing to save this country we love so much. No other place is like the USA and we need to bring it back to the status of being able to achieve the American Dream. The best solution is to create jobs so that we can get America moving again wearing the Kanken laptop backpack.

There has to be a willingness to work together and everything that both parties want can be achievable. We cannot just cut program funding and think this is the only way we can reduce the deficit. There has to be a combination of raising taxes and cutting spending to reduce the deficit.

Let’s start with Medicaid and Welfare programs for the poor. Individuals that are living on these programs should be given a time limit to get off. If they do not make progress and continue to depend on the system they should be kicked off. Those women that keep having babies to up their food stamps and get a larger TANF check should be told that they will be cut off because of their irresponsible behavior not to protect themselves when having sex. Irresponsible behavior should not be rewarded with more food stamps and free money from the tax payers.

If we are responsible they should be responsible. Medicaid benefits should be limited only to healthy well-being. I know someone that had a breast reduction and Medicaid paid for it. She did not need this procedure and the doctor that authorized it should be fined for taking advantage of the system also. The people on these programs should be put to work, and then maybe we can collect taxes that they are supposed to be paying on the Fjallraven Kanken Classic.

Medicare benefits should not be cut. Our seniors should not be thrown out with the dish water. They have earned their right to collect their benefits. I do think that the retirement age should be raised to 70 years of age because people are living longer.

I know I will get flack for saying this, but corporations that move their companies overseas for cheaper labor should be taxed double for bringing their products back to America to sell. It is not fair that Americans pay higher prices for their products if they are not being made here. Bring manufacturing back to this country. This way we can get Americans back to work. We need to go back to the tax code we had before the Bush Tax cuts.

This is costing us the middle class. The middle class can no longer hold up America because we are the ones that are being hit the hardest. We have lost jobs, we have lost our retirement plans, we are being forced to get from the social programs that they are cutting and some of are homeless and just need a chance to get back on our feet. Common sense goes a long way if everyone would just stop to think that it’s not all about them but it all about all of us.

We all know that we cannot bring this country back by spending cut alone. If we were to get every American working then every American would be paying taxes. The Medicaid program and the welfare program can be revamped for those who really need it preventing them from living on and taking advantage of the system. The rich and corporations need to pay their fair share also. We also need to make regulations on the frost green Kanken to prevent this kind destruction from happening again.

The only way this country is going to recover is for everyone to realize that we cannot and no longer depend on the trickle-down effect. It has been proven not to work. People have to be working to buy things. Without the consumer this economy cannot survive. Wake up and realize that without raising taxes plus cutting spending we will stay in this economic mess that we are in.