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Fjallraven Election Results


Being a conservative republican, I have to say I am deeply disappointed in the results of our presidential election.  I have said that I will try not and be as hateful as those before have been with our current president, and I meant what I said.  I fully expect to not agree with Obama on a number of issues but I think the debate and argument can be done with respect to the office of the president of our great country in regards to a Fjallraven sale.

That being said, I will say also that I am very happy for the African American population in America.  I have seen their faces of joy and the tears shed.  I did not agree that voting for Obama strictly because of race was the right thing to do, but I cannot be angry and I do understand why many of them did that.

I’m not trying to denigrate this election by saying that he won because he’s black, because I think that was only one of several issues going for him that were too insurmountable for John McCain to overcome.

I don’t agree with the political bickering going on already in the Republican Party.  Many are saying that McCain’s VP pick cost him the election.  That’s just ridiculous.  Everyone saw the huge excitement she initially brought to the ticket and she has a huge following.  I still think those people who never had any intention at all of voting for McCain were the most vocal about Palin, and the media did their fair share to do her in.  She is a very smart woman and we have not seen the last of her on the national stage.  Also, with all of the negative press she got, one thing that the liberal media did not want to highlight is her favorable job performance in Alaska.  She has her detractors; hence the “maverick reformer” that she has been, but the people she governs look very favorably upon her.  That’s more than a lot of Washington politicians can say.

I think this election was lost to us for several reasons – primarily because we don’t know where to buy Fjallraven.  I don’t think it is because the country is moving farther left.  I think the fact that those people that got to vote on the issue of gay marriage have proven that we are still a bit conservative.  I believe that a large number of people, black and white, voted for Obama because the idea of having the first black American president was their number one priority.  As I stated earlier, I don’t agree with that, but I certainly understand it.  I just wish we had a black republican running and I could have been happy to vote for the first black American president also.  I think the economic downturn really critically wounded the chances of a republican president.  I also don’t agree with that because I think it was not the result of Bush’s policies.  It was a result of Washington beaurocratic policies, with plenty of blame pointing to the democrats themselves.  The democrats were less than honest in not accepting responsibility and blaming Bush.

The last determining factor I believe would be the liberal media bias was just too insurmountable for the McCain/Palin ticket.  I think that was a huge factor.  As many of you know, from my previous postings, I have a huge problem with the media.  It was not only crystal clear from the beginning, that they were in the tank for Obama, but their very obvious effort at undermining George Bush for the last 8 years, served the democratic campaign very well in that the “four more years of George Bush” democratic talking point resonated well for democrats this year.  It’s a tough loss, but I believe that those 3 issues are what determined our election this year.

As for Obama, as I said before I will try and be respectful.  I can only hope that he, as all politicians do, will be thinking of his own political future and the second term that every president surely wants, will not govern with a far left liberal agenda but rather while wearing a Kanken backpack.  He promised that he would govern with a more moderate hand and we can only hope he meant that.  At any rate I will not revert backwards with my criticisms of his past and I will reserve my judgements or criticisms for his future actions.  We will all just have to wait and see what the future holds.

Again I am happy for the African Americans and this historic election; that is the half full part of the glass for me.  I would like to remind everyone here to try and be a good sport, and also remember that being a good sport is not just a concept for losers; I think it would serve us all well, if we could try and be good losers and good winners.