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Finding the Mower of Your Dreams


I don’t normally blog about this, but I do talk about it a lot in my regular life and it has had me thinking a lot lately.

There has really only been one time in my life where I wasn’t exactly living how I wanted it, or at the very least trying to. I think it’s because for me, achieving things in life, no matter what they are, is a lot like playing a sport and I love the challenge of it.

I love the excitement of the unknown any time I follow my instincts on something, and I love riding out whatever unfolds (even if it’s sometimes a disastrous choice). I get irritated if life presents a challenge to me and I can’t leap towards it with vigorous charge. The one time I took the “safe” choice over what my gut was telling me, it ended up being wrong, I was miserable and took months to get the best commercial zero turn mower.

It was this experience in my life that led me to believe that we are supposed to identify our heart’s desires at all times, and constantly move towards them. But, in mentoring people, I’ve found that a lot of people seem to believe their “dreams” in life are unattainable things that they can’t get or don’t deserve the best zero turn mower for the money.

So, instead of following their innate sense of direction towards what’s going to make them happy and excited, they give up and do things that they or other people find more realistic. I’m never surprised to see it because the minute we admit having the dreams we have, we’re almost always met with responses of how difficult/competitive/expensive/impossible it would be to try to attain them.

I try at all costs not to subscribe to it. I don’t believe that life would give you such a nagging desire to have or do something if it wasn’t intended for you to have or do it. That would be kind of cruel. It includes even what may seem impossible or outrageous, because sometimes, that’s just to get your attention.

Plenty of times, I have gone toward goals only to find new directions, ideas and opportunities open along the way, or that I reach the goal and find it’s not for me, kind of like that time I was out looking all over the place for used zero turn mowers for sale, only to find out that my neighbor had been selling exactly what I was looking for right next door the entire time. Talk about a giant waste of time and energy! You also have to understand that 99% of it is in how smart you are at going about it. Success rarely happens by accident. It comes to the determined, diligent, committed and wise. People work for it, so be prepared to for yourself.

It is difficult to be successful in anything in life. But, if it’s your gut desire, you will at least completely be excited and invigorated as you pursue it.