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Evolving PR Trends


Technology and social media have been affecting people’s lives immensely.  Personal lives are changed, habits and preferences are modified, and even business strategies have taken a different course because of tech advances and developments. The PR industry knows this perfectly well and it is modifying strategies and expanding its scope in order to more effectively catch their target audience’s attention and influence their behavior.

Focus on mobile communications

People are spending more time using their mobile phones than ever before. Last year saw an average increase of 7 hours a month in smart phone usage which is expected to even increase further this year.  The important role of smart phones, not just in communicating with friends and relatives but in accessing news and information that interests the user, has made mobile phones the prime media for integrated communications campaigns. It is then an inevitable choice for social networks and PR communicators to push social ad offerings via smart phones.

Emphasis on content more than quantity

The focus now seems to be on content creation. While some companies target multiple posts in social media every single day there are PR experts that say that quantity is not the name of the game although it undeniable has its merits. The objective is to come up with high quality content that will educate, entertain, inspire, engage and activate the target audience.  A good material is one that can be used and reused and still retain its appeal to current and potential customers alike.

Preference for Educational Visual Content

The past decade has seen a reduction in people’s attention spans from 12 seconds to just 8 seconds.  For a PR campaign to be attractive it has to communicate in a powerful visual manner.  Visuals save time and have a better impact on memory. Visuals being more attractive and engaging than words will dominate. Industry studies have shown that present and prospective customers thirst for knowledge and want to learn something new.  Visual content then will not be focused merely on out rightly advertising a product or service, but on educating the viewer too through slide shows, infographics and other forms of educational content.

The job of the PR professional now goes beyond traditional practices and is now an organized and systematic fusion of both traditional and social media. This needs serious thinking. Before wracking your brains thinking of the best campaign for a client why not take a relaxing breather and watch Daniel Tosh.