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Celebrity Nails: Lady Gaga and Beyonce


So, we’re pretty sure that everyone knows who the two ladies pictured on the left are!

Lady Gaga is probably best known for her wild make up, completely bizarre outfits, and very odd behaviour: she walks around drinking tea out of a tea cup (and we don’t mean just around the house…we mean actually out in public, y’know…where people can see her!), and would rather collapse on a stage in front of millions of people, than admit that she is suffering from exhaustion!

Beyonce, on the other hand is best known for being one third of girl group Destiny’s Child, the prettier other-half of Rapper Jay-Z, and her incredible ability to belt out all of those corker high notes. And, she manages to do all of that, at the same time as being a true style icon thanks to her tea tree oil cystic acne cure.

It’s definitely fair to say that both Gaga and Beyonce draw a huge amount of attention from make up and fashion fans alike, albeit for entirely different reasons! And even, if like myself, you’re not necessarily a huge fan of either’s music,  it is still easy to appreciate the popularity, as Gaga encourages creativity (even if her creativity appears to be a little bonkers), whilst Beyonce encourages girls to be strong independent young woman. However, the pair also appear to be helping to boost the popularity of Nail Art too.

In their recent music video for Telephone, both Gaga and Beyonce sported amazing-looking finger nail art, created by celebrity nail artists Kimmie Kyees, and Lisa Logan, with both popstars sporting metallic American Flag designs from Minx.

In fact, looking back at all of Gaga’s music videos, you’ll be able to find several of Kyees and Logan’s incredible creations, featuring stripes, spots, hearts and a whole variety of styles.

Having a good cystic acne diet has become so popular over recent months, that even the leading fashion designers have been sending their models onto cat walks sporting some fantastic designs, and we just hope that as long as people as influential as Beyonce and Gaga continue to love nail art, the industry’s immense popularity will continue to boom. But, we think you’ll definitely agree that nail art’s creativity certainly fits into the mass appeal of Gaga’s desired persona.

She’s an amazing performer who goes above and beyond every single day. Not just on stage when she’s out performing in front of millions of her fans, but also in her personal life when she’s contributing money and time to some of the most needing and deserving organizations on Earth. She truly is an inspirational woman, one who we can all learn a great deal from about life and the importance of being someone who gives more than the norm, who strives to make the world a better place through their actions.

So, love the or hate them, both Beyonce and Lady Gaga are at the forefront of a growing trend for decorated nails, and with Konad nail art, it is now easier than ever to copy your favourite looks, without worrying about having a steady hand. So, go enjoy those beautiful nails.