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Why Not Paperless?

Corpus Christi, can’t our school go paperless?? Is it really necessary that I fill out or sign at least two forms plus throw out 5-10 pieces of paper a day from the school?? At least our student sign in/sign out/volunteer log has gone paperless. The school district just replaced every single computer older than three […]

Always Be Thinking Global

Readers of my Blog will realize that I was in Prague recently looking at companies to invest in. The trip was organized for me as part of the EASY program. Many of the companies that were pitching, were based in the IT space. A point to note for other companies looking for angel investment in […]

Palin’s Place in US History

I believe that Sarah Palin is probably the closest thing we’ve ever had to royalty in American politics.  We have never had a candidate like her before on the scene, and from the very beginning of her introduction to the American public, she has reached a popularity level unlike any other political candidate in American […]

Fjallraven Election Results

Being a conservative republican, I have to say I am deeply disappointed in the results of our presidential election.  I have said that I will try not and be as hateful as those before have been with our current president, and I meant what I said.  I fully expect to not agree with Obama on […]

Immigration or Not?

My father and mother immigrated to America from the northern part of Italy as children. They went through Ellis Island and were stamped W.O.P., which meant WITHOUT PAPERS. So I guess technically they were illegal At least they didn’t change my father’s first name to TONY and ship him to New York. Seriously, we all […]