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How to Use Lead Weights While Diving

The main goal of scuba divers is to stay underwater while they’re scuba diving. They do that with the help of lead weights. Before they jump into the water divers put a belt around their waist that holds blocks of lead, bullet shaped chunks of lead, or pouches full of lead pellets. Or they put […]

Welcome Back Mr. Sunshine

Gooood Saturday morning. There’s this large yellow object in the sky this morning, I’ve seen it before, but not for a while though. It’s round and very bright, and it makes your skin warm when it touches you, and it also makes you feel better too. It’s also ninety three million miles from my house…… […]

Inflatable Swimming Pools & Barbecue Grills: Summer Specials

The kids are finally home for summer vacation! After the first week, every parent dreads the familiar refrain, “I’m bored!” For those of us who work at home like myself, keeping children safely entertained is crucial or we won’t make a living! No matter what your circumstances, outdoor summer recreation is fun and can save […]