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Finding Staff for Your Organization

Have you ever found a difficult staff in your organization? The first time, I had a hard time with one of my staff. As you know, when peoples have been working for years, they start thinking of seniority and it’s natural. To solve such problem, some managers might make a transfer to diff rent department. […]

Why You Should Get a Mentor

This week I met up with my mentor! I meet up with him every six months or so and he gives me a great steer on what I should be doing and what I should not be doing. No matter what you are doing in life, having a mentor is simply great. As an Entrepreneur […]

What Makes a Great Manager?

I was having a coffee last week with one of my former managers and I reflected on why he was one of the best managers I had ever had. It came down to clarity. These days it seems everything is being averaged. We are reluctant to say that a piece of work or a person’s […]

Vital Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Sales

The most serious sales and profit destroying mistake I see affiliates commit on nearly a daily basis is using the same default newsletter articles, mailing list advertisements, classified ads, banners, text ads, and every other freely provided by the affiliate program advertisement that everyone else is using to promote the same product or service. Being […]

Add Value To Your Coupons: Make Your Coupons Count For More

Is there a way to make coupons worth even more than their face value? The short answer? Yes! It’s easy to squeeze extra savings out of a coupon to spend even less on your favorite products and services. By doubling or tripling up on discounts, you can make the most of all the coupons and […]