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Best Car Air Purifiers


The air quality inside the car can be quite disturbing for some people. The air conditioning system doesn’t purify the air but only provides cooling. An idea is to open the window but that would just mean inviting a host of different contaminants and air borne particles into the car. So what should you do in such a situation? The best thing to do in such a situation is to buy a car air purifier. Below is a list of the top car air purifiers present in the market:

Wagan EL2022 Ionic Air Purifier:

Wagan EL2022 ionic air purifier is so small that it can easily be fitted in the cigarette lighting area of your car. This air purifier functions good after being plugged into 12V socket of the car. You will experience immediate relief and fresh air after installing this air purifier in your vehicle. It helps in relieving allergies, hay fever and asthma.

The main features of this air purifier are that it eliminates pungent odors and fumes from the vehicle. It also gives immediate relief to the passenger. It is also chemical free and requires no change of filters.

ECO Breeze Car Ionizer:

This is another ionic air purifying product; it is available in three different colors which are red, blue and black. It freshens the air inside the car by removing bad smells, killing bacteria and germs and eliminating cigarette smoke. More than 300 customers have tested this air purifier and have given mixed feedback. It is quite good for cigarette smoke. The company has suggested washing the rubber seals on doors with good air cleaners

Earth Air Healthy Car Air Purifier:

The Earth Air Healthy Car Air purifier is for people who feel the need to get good air inside the car without opening the window of the car. This model was originally made to be small and quite easy to use. It can easily be inserted into the cigarette lighter port which means that it can be used in any type of car.

It has basic filters but they can help get rid of dust, pollens, bacteria, viruses and other small particles. It can also remove unpleasant smells like of smoke and other chemicals.

If you’re looking for more info about getting rid of smoke smell, check out:


Gigamax Car Fresh Air Purifier:

This car air purifier is quite good in providing refreshing smell to the car and the car smells like it just came from a forest. It makes use of popular ozone and an ion producing technology which is seen in products with different sizes. This air purifier has everything you need to purify the air within your car.

Aberobay Newest Mini Solar Car Air Purifier:

This shiny air purifier purifies the air within your car using the anion technology. It is available in red, black and white colors. It also humidifies the air when you add water to it every 10 days. It can also run on solar power.

Sharp IG-BC2UB Density Plasmacluster Generator:

This air purifier will keep your car smell great all the time. It works with consistency to remove odors and bad smells from the car and traps smoke, food and pet odors inside it. It results in a natural and fresh smelling vehicle.

Getting a clean air in your car is quite important. So stop making complaints and buy a car air purifier to clean the air inside your car.