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Why Not Paperless?

Corpus Christi, can’t our school go paperless?? Is it really necessary that I fill out or sign at least two forms plus throw out 5-10 pieces of paper a day from the school?? At least our student sign in/sign out/volunteer log has gone paperless. The school district just replaced every single computer older than three […]

Another Girlie Fashion Day

In case you didn’t know, whenever Girlie sees an outfit or accessories she likes, she says “That’s so fashion!” Over the past year or so, I really feel like I’ve come into my own fashion wise (I think I say that every year, but hey, fashion evolves, right?). I really know what I like, what […]

Dozens of Kid Safety Tips You Should Know

The kids safety tips include what needs to be done and what should not be done: What needs to be done for kids’ safety? 1- Always take care of baby’s hygiene. 2- Cut the nails regularly and carefully. 3- Take care of baby’s scalp in order to avoid dermatitis, and fungal infection. Keep the skin […]

Should You Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

If you ask someone whether it is good or bad to exercise on empty stomach you would get as many different replies as many people you question. Some say it’s bad, others say it’s good. Some leave it to a person’s body type while others say it is your own choice and makes no difference. […]

A Brief Guide to the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet plan is one of the most rigorously followed diet plan around the world especially when it comes to losing weight. It is a complete mantra for not only losing the extra weight but also maintaining that condition. If you are not familiar with what Atkins Diet actually is, let me tell you […]

How to Use Lead Weights While Diving

The main goal of scuba divers is to stay underwater while they’re scuba diving. They do that with the help of lead weights. Before they jump into the water divers put a belt around their waist that holds blocks of lead, bullet shaped chunks of lead, or pouches full of lead pellets. Or they put […]

Finding Staff for Your Organization

Have you ever found a difficult staff in your organization? The first time, I had a hard time with one of my staff. As you know, when peoples have been working for years, they start thinking of seniority and it’s natural. To solve such problem, some managers might make a transfer to diff rent department. […]

Always Be Thinking Global

Readers of my Blog will realize that I was in Prague recently looking at companies to invest in. The trip was organized for me as part of the EASY program. Many of the companies that were pitching, were based in the IT space. A point to note for other companies looking for angel investment in […]

Why You Should Get a Mentor

This week I met up with my mentor! I meet up with him every six months or so and he gives me a great steer on what I should be doing and what I should not be doing. No matter what you are doing in life, having a mentor is simply great. As an Entrepreneur […]

What Makes a Great Manager?

I was having a coffee last week with one of my former managers and I reflected on why he was one of the best managers I had ever had. It came down to clarity. These days it seems everything is being averaged. We are reluctant to say that a piece of work or a person’s […]

My 10 Tips for Staying Fresh

So here are my top tips for staying ‘fresh’ 1) Read! Read anything – especially if it is outside of your normal work interests. I have found that a lot of my creativity comes from being able to link two abstract concepts together. It keeps your mind fresh with new ideas and colors. One of […]

Vital Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Sales

The most serious sales and profit destroying mistake I see affiliates commit on nearly a daily basis is using the same default newsletter articles, mailing list advertisements, classified ads, banners, text ads, and every other freely provided by the affiliate program advertisement that everyone else is using to promote the same product or service. Being […]

Celebrity Nails: Lady Gaga and Beyonce

So, we’re pretty sure that everyone knows who the two ladies pictured on the left are! Lady Gaga is probably best known for her wild make up, completely bizarre outfits, and very odd behaviour: she walks around drinking tea out of a tea cup (and we don’t mean just around the house…we mean actually out […]

Nail Color for your Skin tone

In the past, we have looked at what our nail polish color says about us, but sometimes choosing a color that matches our outfit, our mood,our eye color or even our skin tone becomes more important to us. Choosing a polish based on your skin tone might initially seem bizarre, but many of us choose […]

Welcome Back Mr. Sunshine

Gooood Saturday morning. There’s this large yellow object in the sky this morning, I’ve seen it before, but not for a while though. It’s round and very bright, and it makes your skin warm when it touches you, and it also makes you feel better too. It’s also ninety three million miles from my house…… […]

Finding the Mower of Your Dreams

I don’t normally blog about this, but I do talk about it a lot in my regular life and it has had me thinking a lot lately. There has really only been one time in my life where I wasn’t exactly living how I wanted it, or at the very least trying to. I think […]

Writing Your Own Press Release

One of the biggest challenges to brands and companies that are just starting up is public relations. When you’re new you’re dealing with a real Catch-22 situation in trying to get your name out there but lacking any type of budget to hire a good agency to nurture and guide your business in the marketplace. […]

Zelda and Mario the Legacy

Even though Zelda has killing and even Mario has head-stomping, when you think about it, nearly all of Nintendo’s first-party properties are harmless affairs. Bright colours, innocent storylines, big-eyed cartoon mascots and candy-coloured fantasy worlds where everything turns out just fine. With one exception: the “Wars” series, Nintendo’s only foray into, well, war. In the […]

Palin’s Place in US History

I believe that Sarah Palin is probably the closest thing we’ve ever had to royalty in American politics.  We have never had a candidate like her before on the scene, and from the very beginning of her introduction to the American public, she has reached a popularity level unlike any other political candidate in American […]

Is Joe Still Famous?

Joe the Plumber certainly is getting his 15 minutes of fame, and I believe, with good reason.  The liberals are doing their digging to try and discredit him.  I have heard that he doesn’t even have a license.  I don’t know how much of his story is true, but it matters little to me.  It […]

Evolving PR Trends

Technology and social media have been affecting people’s lives immensely.  Personal lives are changed, habits and preferences are modified, and even business strategies have taken a different course because of tech advances and developments. The PR industry knows this perfectly well and it is modifying strategies and expanding its scope in order to more effectively […]

How the Fjallraven Kanken can Boost the Economy

We all know what needs to happen to get this economy back on track. We all will have to make sacrifices and be willing to save this country we love so much. No other place is like the USA and we need to bring it back to the status of being able to achieve the […]

Fjallraven Election Results

Being a conservative republican, I have to say I am deeply disappointed in the results of our presidential election.  I have said that I will try not and be as hateful as those before have been with our current president, and I meant what I said.  I fully expect to not agree with Obama on […]

Immigration or Not?

My father and mother immigrated to America from the northern part of Italy as children. They went through Ellis Island and were stamped W.O.P., which meant WITHOUT PAPERS. So I guess technically they were illegal At least they didn’t change my father’s first name to TONY and ship him to New York. Seriously, we all […]

Pizza and Other Cat Like Musings

My experience with House music is admittedly limited, but this past Saturday I was convinced to go see the stylings of DJ Hernan Cattaneo through the eyes of a Daytona Beach wedding photographer. We bought tickets online for the show for $30 which felt a little steep, but I was willing to give it a […]

A Day in the Photography Life

Oh goodness, it’s baby feet! Seriously, the episode starts off with baby feet. Jake mentions something about how many babies will be born today and how each of them are unique and are a link in a greater chain. I don’t know about you but most babies I see do nothing but eat, sleep, and […]

Maintaining Your Body’s Health Over Time

Caffeine is a substance that is used to stimulate the brain and nervous systems. It is a natural sedative and can be used to help with anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use caffeine as a part of a daily routine. It can increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that […]

The Troubles of Sleep Deprivation

The researchers at the University of Miami found that sleep deprivation significantly lowered the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study found that children who drank a large amount of water had a 47 percent lower mortality rate compared to non-obese people. At the same time, the researchers concluded that the average American consumes […]

A Look at Why You Can’t Sleep

Insomnia is a state of mind that is characterized by excessive amounts of energy, and is a result of the bodys natural processes of digestion. It is a common reaction to a person who is suffering from sleep disorder. In addition, it is a condition where the body is unable to cope with the stimuli […]

Insomnia and other Sleep Issues You’ll Face

Insomnia is a disorder that is often characterized by a constant feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life. This is a normal reaction to the stress that is experienced by people who suffer from insomnia. People with depression often have a hard work environment, and they often feel stressed out. Anxiety is […]

Poor Air Quality Causes Health Issues

Another factor that may contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease is the amount of sleep that you get. The first step to managing your child’s anxiety is to learn to recognize the signs of sleep apnea: – have a child who is suffering from a severe anxiety disorder, it is important to seek professional […]

Should You Learn About Asthmas, Depression, And Sleep?

Issues you’ll need to discover about asthmas, depression, and sleeps: – If you are feeling stressed, try to find something to do with your food – Insomnia is a serious condition that can be treated with rest and relaxation – If you are a busy, stressed out person, you may be able to get up […]

10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

When it became apparent that cats are afraid of cucumber, some people posted the video online which blew the internet. Well, this is surprising but it isn’t the only weird thing you didn’t know about you cat. There are tons of different things which you didn’t know about your cat. Some of these will be […]

10 Signs to Tell Your Cat Is in Pain

It can be quite challenging to tell sometimes whether your cat is in pain. Sometimes, it is visible in the physical appearance of the cat, like limping. However, the signs might not be that much apparent at other times. So if you want to know how to tell if your cat is in pain, then […]

Things You Should Know Before Using a Turbocharger

The turbochargers have the same goal as the super turbo chargers. It increases the density of the air that enters the cylinder allowing more fuel to be combusted hence giving more power to the engine. These turbochargers are very similar in designs to the superchargers. The turbocharger uses the impeller to draw the air, into […]

Causes for Turbocharger Noise and Its Solutions

The turbo chargers are often found with screeching sound. This can be the reason of face to face vibration of exhaust gasket. The gasket cans are usually multi-layer steel shim. When the projection gets twisted or become loosen, vibration takes place between the fix surfaces which lead to the screeching noise. But don’t get confused […]

Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is the most common fungal infection caused in the foot. It can become quite dangerous and deadly if not properly treated. So you should be equipped with the proper tools to treat athlete’s foot. You can go to the doctor to get rid of athlete’s foot or you can try the home remedies […]

Best Car Air Purifiers

The air quality inside the car can be quite disturbing for some people. The air conditioning system doesn’t purify the air but only provides cooling. An idea is to open the window but that would just mean inviting a host of different contaminants and air borne particles into the car. So what should you do […]

The Causes and Treatment of Cystic Acne

Just about everyone suffers through an acne breakout at least once in their lives, but if they haven’t had to deal with cystic acne, they have no idea just how bad it can be. Cystic acne is one of the most severe types of acne – and it’s among the most common in teenage males […]

Peeing Problems with Your Forest Cat?

Having trouble with your forest cat spraying inside of your home? It turns out, it’s not too rare of a problem after all! Many other cat owners all over the world suffer from spraying – especially when it comes to forest cats. One of the most common questions we get asked here is “why do […]

Nail Polish for Warm and Cool Skin Tones

Hey guys, yesterday, we looked at which colors would suit your skin tone, but as with practically everything in life, not everyone will fit neatly into the three main categories that we mentioned. That’s why today, we’ve decided to take another look at skin tones, this time focusing on cool and warm skin tones. According […]

Inflatable Swimming Pools & Barbecue Grills: Summer Specials

The kids are finally home for summer vacation! After the first week, every parent dreads the familiar refrain, “I’m bored!” For those of us who work at home like myself, keeping children safely entertained is crucial or we won’t make a living! No matter what your circumstances, outdoor summer recreation is fun and can save […]

A Slice of New York – Di Fara Pizza

Last weekend my brother was in town with his car, so of course I wanted to show him some of New York’s finest pizza’s, but I also wanted to catch a ride to a pizzeria that is otherwise a pain to get to by subway. We chose Di Fara Pizza at 1424 Avenue J here […]

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – A First-Hand Analysis and Review

Last Tuesday, on somewhat of a whim, a friend and I decided to check out the Upright Citizens Brigade, making this my second trip to the famed New York Improv venue. As you may recall, I saw two partially scripted performances during my last visit, which played to a relatively empty theatre (probably owing to […]

Add Value To Your Coupons: Make Your Coupons Count For More

Is there a way to make coupons worth even more than their face value? The short answer? Yes! It’s easy to squeeze extra savings out of a coupon to spend even less on your favorite products and services. By doubling or tripling up on discounts, you can make the most of all the coupons and […]