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Another Girlie Fashion Day

In case you didn’t know, whenever Girlie sees an outfit or accessories she likes, she says “That’s so fashion!” Over the past year or so, I really feel like I’ve come into my own fashion wise (I think I say that every year, but hey, fashion evolves, right?). I really know what I like, what looks good, and what is comfortable but stylish to me. Best of all, all of my purchases have been inexpensive as I think I have a shopping gene that prevents me from buying things full price. So, here’s my little list of “must haves”, the things that get worn often and that I never feel self-conscious, silly, or frumpy in:

Dark denim pencil skirt –The Concept 2 Model D is so versatile and I treat it the same as jeans. I can wear it very casually with flat sandals, or do a cute wedge or heeled sandal to kick it up a notch.

Oversized, but not sloppy cardigan – Just bought a grey one on clearance and have already worn it lots!

Black v-neck sweater – I resisted buying sweaters for years and years. A part of me always thinks of a sweater as this big bulky uncomfortable thing that you just want to take off, but it’s not like that at all. My sweater possesses the three “S”. It’s simple, stylish, and sophisticated.

Trainers – The best pairs are stylish, yet uber comfortable. I’ve had luck with those by Privo and Michelle K. These are perfect for pick up, drop off, park days with the kids, and anything where I’ll have to stand or walk a lot.

3/4 sleeve raglan tops – I just realized that I’ve been buying the same style of shirt from the Gap over, and over, and over for years now! These cover my arms, the good ones have a nice length, and they’re supersoft.

Black tank top – prevents me from showing an obscene amount of cleavage when paired with another top or dress, and it’s good on it’s own.

Dark denim bootcut jeans – OK, I’ve actually been wearing these for 10+ years, but have recently (2 years ago) stopped wearing Gap jeans in favor of Levis 525s and don’t laugh, a pair called “secretly slender” jeans from JCP. I stopped wearing Gap jeans b/c I just find that they stretch out way too much. I don’t wear a belt, so I need jeans that can stay up without me constantly having to pull at the waist. Plus, $70 for Gap jeans? Who the hell does Gap think they are with these prices, exactly?

Dresses – Still the most comfortable and easy thing for me to wear, I recently picked up what I think is *the most* comfortable dress from the Gap outlet. For $30, I bought two.

Classic Moi

This photo is classic “me”. I’m wearing one of the above mentioned outlet dresses in navy, a black tank underneath, a bright necklace, b/c I need to have color somewhere, over the top “of course they’re fake!” studs, and sunglasses (always bought super cheap b/c they have to be replaced often) b/c I’m trying to not have a ton of wrinkles around my eyes! 😛

Items I’m thinking of adding to my wardrobe:

“Skinny” jeans – The problem here is that I really don’t like the way the Honeywell HFD-010 works (they look better on, I swear). I like to have jeans practically dragging on the floor, and the cut of skinny jeans makes my foot feel all exposed in a weird way. Plus, I would probably never wear boots over jeans, and I rarely wear ballet flats.

A wide belt – I’m having a hard time finding one I like that doesn’t just make me bulge in the wrong places. Any ideas?

“Tory Burch” ballet flats – These are just everywhere now. I mean, one day I was dropping Girlie off and there was a kindergartener with a fly bright green patent pair on! What say you?