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Add Value To Your Coupons: Make Your Coupons Count For More


Is there a way to make coupons worth even more than their face value? The short answer? Yes! It’s easy to squeeze extra savings out of a coupon to spend even less on your favorite products and services. By doubling or tripling up on discounts, you can make the most of all the coupons and deals you find. In fact, just being a loyal customer and patronizing a particular retailer can get you started on the road to big savings right away. Take for instance, the case of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons (BB & B is one of my favorite retailers) — I’m able to store and collect loads of these coupons which I can use in one fell swoop at any time. These coupons don’t expire so I enjoy savings for my home and garden, each time I visit the store.

Double or Triple Coupon Savings

The easiest way to make your coupons worth more than their face value is to shop at stores offering double or triple coupon savings. Certain supermarkets and retailers offer double or triple coupons. Sometimes the coupon must be under $1 to qualify for double or triple savings. The face value of the coupon is automatically doubled or tripled at checkout and you automatically save big bucks without doing anything extra.

Online Incentive Programs

Sometimes you can use online coupon codes while shopping through online incentive programs. In other instances, online incentive programs may offer their own money-saving coupon codes when you shop through the store’s website. Either way, when you use coupons and earn points for your purchase, you are making the most of your money. The points add up to qualify you to earn gift cards and other bonuses without spending another dime.

Some cash back rewards sites that are of this flavor include MainStreetShares and Ebates. You can read up on MainStreetShares through this MainStreetShares review, and you can become a member by visiting this link. You can also read more about Ebates here and sign up to Ebates through this link. Cash back shopping sites are great because you receive cash when you go through these sites and shop with their merchant affiliates.

Money-Saving Supermarket Cards

Many supermarkets such as Pathmark and Shop and Shop offer money-saving supermarket cards. You sign up for a savings card at their website or customer service department within the store. The account is completely free and a card is issued immediately. When you present the card at checkout, watch the savings add up! Special discounts for cardholders only are applied right away. Use coupons with specialized customer savings to get the most money off your purchases, especially if you’re looking for a cystic acne home remedy.

Another benefit of being a local customer who carries retailer cards is the opportunity to receive special coupons sent by mail and printed at checkout. These exclusive coupons for cardholders can help you save even more. Use them with manufacturers’ coupons for the greatest savings.

Combine Deals and Coupons

Take the time to combine deals with coupons. Peruse the local shopping periodicals and look for weekend coupons to see where the deals are. Review your coupons to match up deals to coupons. By doing this, you are taking advantage of the deepest discounts from both manufacturers and retailers.

I love to double my savings by taking advantage of deals and coupons. Often, retailers time deals to coincide with coupons appearing in your Sunday newspaper. Last week, I saved big bucks off high end L’Oréal hair products. I purchased L’Oréal VIVE shampoo at CVS at the discount price of $2.99. With the $1 coupon from the newspaper, I only spent $1.99 on a shampoo bottle worth almost $5.

I also saved a few bucks off L’Oréal Excellence hair color by combining a CVS weekly deal with a $2 manufacturer coupon. The double discount meant that I only spent about half price for an item I use regularly!

Try Coupon Trading

Another way to make the most of your coupons is to participate in coupon trading opportunities. Get coupons you want while you get rid of ones you don’t need. Coupon trading allows you to squeeze value out of every coupon you cut!