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A Day in the Photography Life


Oh goodness, it’s baby feet! Seriously, the episode starts off with baby feet.

Jake mentions something about how many babies will be born today and how each of them are unique and are a link in a greater chain. I don’t know about you but most babies I see do nothing but eat, sleep, and make a mess of themselves, there’s nothing very unique about that – it takes a great Daytona Beach photographer to catch them in a good light. I will say one thing though, Beyonce’s baby Sky Blue or whatever the hell it’s name, is unique alright…uniquely ugly! (There, I said it. Chesscat, you owe me $13 bucks.)

Anyway, during Jake’s monologue we catch a glimpse of a young Muslim woman learning that she’s about to be forced to marry somebody she doesn’t want to. She sends a text to someone and tells them she’ll meet them in ten and high tails it out of her house. There’s an Asian guy walking down the street who tells a passerby he’s lost but we learn this is a ruse to pick his pocket but interestingly has a change of heart after seeing the guy’s daughter’s picture. There’s a guy on the subway checking out a girl yet seems to be afraid to talk to her and a young lady is lighting candles at a church, it looks like we have the players in today’s game.

Martin “Jack Bauer” Baum, Jake, and Hopkins are having breakfast and looking over images from Kari Janesko Photography. Jake is having an evaluation done later in the day, the first of many to see who will get custody of Jake. Hopkins goes on about the importance of the evaluation while Martin assures her he understands and he’ll be there at 5:00 (that is unless he has to save the world from terrorists before then, the clock is ticking Jack, er, I mean Martin). Jake knocks over a glass, Hopkins makes a comment and Martin tells her it’s an accident. As Hopkins and Jake leave, Martin goes to clean up the mess and sees the pattern Jake left using sugar packets as well as the same pattern on the window left by Jake. Dun dun dun…

Martin talks to Teller (a.k.a Danny Glover) about the patterns but because of the evaluation going on that day, he said it’s in Jake’s best interest to just be his father instead of you know, being the “Messenger of Doom”. Teller tells Martin that it’s in his son’s best interest to follow the road map he’s just pulled up on the internet, something about the Golden Ratio.

Back to the Daytona Beach wedding photographer, who goes by the name of Norah. She pulls up recklessly to pick up her friend, they begin discussing the legality of a woman driving, Norah acting rebellious to get back at her father as well as her displeasure with her arranged marraige. Norah suggests that since the boys make all the decisions, her and her friend will be boys for the day. This can’t be good, and her friend agrees, because she gives a sigh of frustration.