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10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat


When it became apparent that cats are afraid of cucumber, some people posted the video online which blew the internet. Well, this is surprising but it isn’t the only weird thing you didn’t know about you cat. There are tons of different things which you didn’t know about your cat. Some of these will be mentioned in this article. So let’s get into it.

Top Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat:

Here are the top things which you didn’t know about your cat:

Cat Sweat through Paws:

Cats have a bit fewer sweat glands in their bodies because they are covered in fur. Most of these glands are on a cat’s paws; that’s why you see sweat marks when a cat walks on tiles during summer season. How to get rid of cat urine smell? Cats cool themselves by licking their furs.

Cats Can Sense An Earthquake:

It’s a possibility that cats can sense earthquakes. The pads of cats are quite sensitive and most of them behave strangely before an earthquake hits. It isn’t a proven fact but some experts think that cats can sense an earthquake through their foot pads.

Cats Bump Noses:

Nose-to-nose greeting isn’t common for the cats because it puts them in an unusual situation. But cats who know each other well bump noses with each other. It helps them know each other well and gain information about the other cat’s behavior.

Cats Are Manipulative:

Well, that’s no surprise. You know very well that when a cat is hungry, he doesn’t beat around the bush. He will rub you and even meow at the top of his voice. It may seem that the cat is in distress but the truth is that the cats practice this behavior to manipulate their owners to get the things done their way. They may even pee on the floor: see how to get cat pee out of carpet.

They Purr to Keep your Company:

Humans think that cats purr when they are happy but actually they just want to keep you near. They are actually telling you to sit down and stroke them.

Cats Require Positive Reinforcement:

You should know that cats don’t understand punishment like humans do. They can’t make an association between their behavior and punishment. So it’s useless to punish a cat. Instead give him positive reinforcements, like give him a reward every time he shows a desired behavior.

Cats Can Drink Seawater:

It’s a number one rule that if a human is stranded on an island, he should never drink sea water but it isn’t so for the cat. Their kidneys are quite efficient which helps to filter the salt and allows them to get the water into their system without any problems.

Cats Enjoy the Sun:

Cats enjoy the sun heat. The reason is that the ancestors of cats were desert living animals. So you should take your cat in the sunlight every now and then.

Cats Can Learn A Few Tricks:

Just like dogs, cats can also learn a trick or two. They can learn to come at the sound of your voice or come at the sound of the opening of a car. You may even need to ask yourself why is my cat peeing everywhere?

Cats Can Dream:

Cats usually prefer naps but when they go to a deep sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns which humans do when they dream.

Understanding your cat is quite challenge. Having a knowledge of the things you don’t know about your cat will better equip you to understand his needs.