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Why Not Paperless?

Corpus Christi, can’t our school go paperless?? Is it really necessary that I fill out or sign at least two forms plus throw out 5-10 pieces of paper a day from the school?? At least our student sign in/sign out/volunteer log has gone paperless. The school district just replaced every single computer older than three years old yet they can’t figure out a way to cut the (on average) 1 1/2 bags of garbage I fill a month with school paper? It’s mind boggling, frustrating, and terrifying. Me thinks I should bring the Manduka PROLite up at the next PTA meeting.

Shorts, umbrellas, parkas, mittens, and sandals: all items we’ve needed to wear one day or another in the past week. We’ve had spring, summer, fall, and winter in the past seven days. It even snowed last Friday. Nuts. Oh, I got that job, but I’m not going to take it. Long story short, it’s just not a good fit for my life. I had a meeting for my group yesterday, and it was quite disappointing (only one other person came). I’m the sole person responsible for it right now, and it takes up a fair amount of time, and for what results? Hopefully, things will improve with time. Anyway, pics…

For the first time this year, I sewed yesterday! I only fixed some curtains and broken bag handles, but still. I used my vintage Japanese machine and I love it! I think I’m going to pack my Singer away and use this one from now on. I need to get it serviced though.

Anyway, I have been very inspired lately, looking around and noticing, for what feels like the first time, the colors of spring. When I was growing up, Daffodil Hill was the place to be in early spring. The bright yellow and green made me feel so invigorated. Now, the colors of my spring time are pinky purple (the Redbuds) and the lime-y, shocking green of other trees. I get that same happy feeling I did as a child…even if my eyes are watery, I’m sneezing, and I haven’t been able to smell anything in a week, haha.

Flickr is another great place to find your muse. I have a ton of favorites. All bright, cheery, and colorful. You can’t help but smile when you look at the photos. And with that, I’m off to make something!

The good:

I got a 98 on the aide’s exam I took last week to become a library aide.

The bad:

I don’t have the experience working with the Honeywell HFD-120-Q that is needed for the position. In the state of Texas, raising your own children does not count. Seriously.

The in between: BUT, the application is “open” which means I can edit it continuously for a year. The proctor giving the exam said you can volunteer in the classroom (I usually work for the staff at the kids’ school, not volunteer in the classroom), become a sub, go on a field trip with your kid, even, and add that. Woot!

The good: I’m finally holding an open house for the mother’s support group I’m helping to charter here.

The bad: I am sooooo nervous about it. I hope Yolanda can come down and help me!

The good: This one also has to do with a new gig, but I’m not going to dish until I learn more.

Another Girlie Fashion Day

In case you didn’t know, whenever Girlie sees an outfit or accessories she likes, she says “That’s so fashion!” Over the past year or so, I really feel like I’ve come into my own fashion wise (I think I say that every year, but hey, fashion evolves, right?). I really know what I like, what looks good, and what is comfortable but stylish to me. Best of all, all of my purchases have been inexpensive as I think I have a shopping gene that prevents me from buying things full price. So, here’s my little list of “must haves”, the things that get worn often and that I never feel self-conscious, silly, or frumpy in:

Dark denim pencil skirt –The Concept 2 Model D is so versatile and I treat it the same as jeans. I can wear it very casually with flat sandals, or do a cute wedge or heeled sandal to kick it up a notch.

Oversized, but not sloppy cardigan – Just bought a grey one on clearance and have already worn it lots!

Black v-neck sweater – I resisted buying sweaters for years and years. A part of me always thinks of a sweater as this big bulky uncomfortable thing that you just want to take off, but it’s not like that at all. My sweater possesses the three “S”. It’s simple, stylish, and sophisticated.

Trainers – The best pairs are stylish, yet uber comfortable. I’ve had luck with those by Privo and Michelle K. These are perfect for pick up, drop off, park days with the kids, and anything where I’ll have to stand or walk a lot.

3/4 sleeve raglan tops – I just realized that I’ve been buying the same style of shirt from the Gap over, and over, and over for years now! These cover my arms, the good ones have a nice length, and they’re supersoft.

Black tank top – prevents me from showing an obscene amount of cleavage when paired with another top or dress, and it’s good on it’s own.

Dark denim bootcut jeans – OK, I’ve actually been wearing these for 10+ years, but have recently (2 years ago) stopped wearing Gap jeans in favor of Levis 525s and don’t laugh, a pair called “secretly slender” jeans from JCP. I stopped wearing Gap jeans b/c I just find that they stretch out way too much. I don’t wear a belt, so I need jeans that can stay up without me constantly having to pull at the waist. Plus, $70 for Gap jeans? Who the hell does Gap think they are with these prices, exactly?

Dresses – Still the most comfortable and easy thing for me to wear, I recently picked up what I think is *the most* comfortable dress from the Gap outlet. For $30, I bought two.

Classic Moi

This photo is classic “me”. I’m wearing one of the above mentioned outlet dresses in navy, a black tank underneath, a bright necklace, b/c I need to have color somewhere, over the top “of course they’re fake!” studs, and sunglasses (always bought super cheap b/c they have to be replaced often) b/c I’m trying to not have a ton of wrinkles around my eyes! 😛

Items I’m thinking of adding to my wardrobe:

“Skinny” jeans – The problem here is that I really don’t like the way the Honeywell HFD-010 works (they look better on, I swear). I like to have jeans practically dragging on the floor, and the cut of skinny jeans makes my foot feel all exposed in a weird way. Plus, I would probably never wear boots over jeans, and I rarely wear ballet flats.

A wide belt – I’m having a hard time finding one I like that doesn’t just make me bulge in the wrong places. Any ideas?

“Tory Burch” ballet flats – These are just everywhere now. I mean, one day I was dropping Girlie off and there was a kindergartener with a fly bright green patent pair on! What say you?

Dozens of Kid Safety Tips You Should Know

The kids safety tips include what needs to be done and what should not be done:

What needs to be done for kids’ safety?

1- Always take care of baby’s hygiene.

2- Cut the nails regularly and carefully.

3- Take care of baby’s scalp in order to avoid dermatitis, and fungal infection. Keep the skin clean. If you’re currently learning how to weld, make sure to wash up before handling the baby.

4- Remove wet nappy as soon as possible, and clean the skin with soap.

5- Make sure that the genitals are kept dry to avoid fungal infection, because they are more prone to it.

6- Dress baby in loose cloths allowing the passage of air so that he doesn’t suffer from irritation.

7- Try to arrange for a separate water proof bed for child near mother’s bed.

8- Always keep some toys near baby which should create some music.

9- Keep the room free from dust and insects. It should have proper ventilation and light.

10- While carrying the baby, make sure you support his head with your hand because neck muscles are very sensitive and weak, so avoid sudden fall of his head.

11- Mother’s milk is the most preferable nutrition and most balanced diet for infants. Preferring mother’s milk for infant is most important tip from kids’ safety tips against various stomach problems. It should be given while mother is in sitting position. Mother herself needs to take nutritious diet and keep nipples clean.

12- If mother’s milk could not be given due to some reasons, cow’s milk can be given to the child. The bottle used for this purpose should be sterilized with warm water before every use.

13- Cow’s milk has to be boiled and then cooled because diseases like bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis, etc. are caused by raw milk.

14- In order to avoid diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and others spread by mosquito bites, use nets. Mosquito bite not only disturbs child’s sound sleep but can also cause skin eruptions resulting in allergies.

15- Some times, child becomes allergic to some food items, dresses, cosmetics etc. try to keep allergic things away from him.

16- Assessing the growth of child by noting his height and weight should be done.

17- The processes like growth development, social development, behavior development, motor development, and language development, etc. need to be consistent with child’s age. However it is not something to be over-anxious about, because children do show slight variation In this regard.

18- For a good sound sleep, try to keep the environment calm because children need more sleep than adults and the growth hormones secretion is enhanced during sleep.

19- An important tip from kids’ safety tips when it comes to hygiene is that the potty seat needs to be washed with antiseptic liquid pre and post use, also it must not be shared with other children.

20- Child needs to be inculcated with proper toilet training. This training should start at the age of 10.

21- If the baby shows such symptoms as rigorous fever, convulsions, excessive crying, stiffness of neck, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, body turning blue, difficulty in breathing with grunting, etc., consult a child specialist immediately instead of looking for home kids safety tips.

22- When driving a car, keep baby in a separate seat belt.

23- Keep child’s medication in a separate box, affixed with a paper containing all information about dose and administration etc.

24- Always keep a first aid box in the room, with items like antiseptic, sterile cotton, dressing items, lotions, ointments etc. maintain the contact numbers of doctor, ambulance, police, etc. in a separate notebook.

25- Whenever you leave home with your child, keep your ID card and your phone number in his pocket.

26- When child starts walking, always be with him to prevent falls and injuries.

27- In emergencies, take first aid measures and take the child to hospital.

– Choking: If the child has swallowed something which creates obstruction, immediately lie him down on the abdomen with his head in a low position and rub abdomen towards the chest and backwards. Stroke the upper abdomen if needed. If it doesn’t work, call a doctor.

– Accidental poisoning:  induce vomiting to expel the poison out of the body (except for acids and kerosene). Wash the body in order to avoid any absorption through skin. Take the child to hospital.

– Electric shock: immediately take away the source of current and if baby is not breathing, try mouth to mouth breath and then take him to hospital immediately.

– Wounds: Clean the wound with water and stop bleeding with the help of compressing. Raise the wound above the level of heart to stop bleeding or use tourniquet. Take the victim to hospital.

– Drowning in bath tub: take out the baby and keep in head low position while gently rubbing the abdomen. Try to suck out the water with your mouth until there is no obstruction in breathing. Give cardiac massage and take him to hospital.

– Burns: pour cold water on the area. Do not take off burned cloths immediately – especially if you had been practicing MIG welding techniques. Try to clean the burns with sterile cotton and then take him to hospital.

28- Above all kids safety tips, give maximum love, care and support to your child to make him happy and healthy.

What needs to be avoided for kids’ safety?

Kids’ safety tips include some measures which should be avoided;

1- Do not shake your baby or it would cause damage to his brain.

2- Make sure that water does not enter kid’s ear while giving him a bath.

3- Another tip from kids safety tips is that you should avoid placing sharp and pointed items near him, like pencil pen, knife etc.

4- Keep away the items like mosquito repellents, chemicals, moth balls, ink gums, medicines etc.

5- Avoid tight clothing.

6- Don’t keep small articles near him which can be swallowed.

7- Do not force him to take food when he is crying or coughing.

8- Do not over feed the kid.

9- Do not place him near the edge of the bed.

10- Do not give strangers access to baby and do not allow others to have close contact with him.

11- Do not smoke inside the house.

12- Do not leave your kid alone in the kitchen.

13- Keep away all electrical instruments and do not arrange baby’s bed near electric sockets.

14- Avoid too strong light in the room.

15- Do not allow your kid to crawl on soil.

16- While giving him a bath, keep water level low and do not leave him alone in tub to perform other tasks like attending phone call etc.

17- Do not unnecessarily take the baby to dusty places, crowded hospital wards or market places etc.

18- Do not give your child the medicines used by others.

19- Table lamp should be kept away from baby at night because it attracts insects.

20- When it comes to giving medicine to your baby, a great tip from kids’ safety tips which needs to be remembered is that you must always check the expiry date. Never give expired medicine to your kid.

21- When the baby starts walking, he must not be kept alone upstairs, and should not be allowed to go up on stairs.

22- If you or someone else in home is sick, stay away from child.

23- While traveling, do not give your baby the food items taken from strangers.

24- Avoid close contact of child with pets. Give anti rabies injections to pets and cut nails regularly.

I hope you find these kids safety tips useful.

Should You Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

If you ask someone whether it is good or bad to exercise on empty stomach you would get as many different replies as many people you question. Some say it’s bad, others say it’s good. Some leave it to a person’s body type while others say it is your own choice and makes no difference. If you ask me whether exercising on empty stomach is good or bad, I would say: it’s bad! But what is the base of my judgment? Read on.

What Happens During Exercise?

You would be in a better position to judge whether exercising on empty stomach burn more fats or not, if you first thoroughly understand what actually goes on inside your body when you are exercising while breathing cleaner air from a Honeywell 18155.

Exercising is a state of increased activity level for your muscles, and more activity means more energy requirement. The source of this energy is adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which comes mainly from the glucose. The source of this glucose is carbohydrates which we take in our food. If carbohydrates are not been supplied, as in the case of exercising on an empty stomach, the body gets its ATP requirement fulfilled from protein and fats. Without this supply, body gets exhausted very soon.

Does Exercising on an Empty Stomach Maximize Fat Burning?

In the light of above discussion, the answer would be an obvious yes! When your body is not getting the required fats from food, it would eventually the fats and protein of your body. So exercising on an empty stomach does burn more fats.

Is Exercising on Empty Stomach Good or Bad?

The thing which is worth worrying is that exercising on empty stomach does not lead to the burning of fats alone. It also burns your body protein, which generally is not our intention because it leads to a substantial reduction in our muscles’ mass.

Most of us want to keep our muscles in good shape while burning extra fats. Especially when you exercise in the morning with an empty stomach, you are even more vulnerable to reduction in muscles’ mass because it is a time of higher carbolic activity which leads to the breakdown of proteins into simpler amino acids, thus losing a lot of muscles’ mass which has a bad effect on health.

What to Do Then?

If you are not concerned about the muscle loss and only value weight reduction, then exercising on empty stomach is not bad for you. However, if you need to keep your muscles growing while losing some fats, you should eat something before exercising. However, over eating must be avoided before exercise. Moreover, if you are a keen body builder, exercising on empty stomach is a sin for you.

In short, the experts and books that say that exercising on empty stomach helps you in reduction of weight are right – except in the case of using an inversion table. But they are not telling you the whole thing that you will also lose your muscles alongside. All your energy gets quickly drained out when there are no carbohydrates to utilize during exercise because they are much quicker source of ATP than proteins.

One more thing that you need to know is that if you are not used to exercising on empty stomach, you may face a risk of acidity as it has been reported by some people. So you are in a better position to judge what is better for you. My personal opinion is that whenever you decide to do something with your body, only do it after complete research as to what can be its side effects.

A Brief Guide to the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet plan is one of the most rigorously followed diet plan around the world especially when it comes to losing weight. It is a complete mantra for not only losing the extra weight but also maintaining that condition.

If you are not familiar with what Atkins Diet actually is, let me tell you that it is a complete diet plan requiring the follower to take low carb foods prescribed by Dr. Robert Atkins, the creator of this diet plan. Combined with the improved air quality of the Honeywell 50250-S, not only does this revolutionary diet plan help you to fight obesity but it is also effective against diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disorders and other related malfunctions.

But before I tell you about some useful tips for Atkins diet, let us have a short introduction to the Atkins diet and its various phases.

What Is so Special about the Atkins Diet?

The best thing about Atkins diet is that though you are on a diet but it doesn’t feel like so. You don’t have to starve for losing weight, nor would you have to bear hunger pangs. It helps you to lose weight in a healthy way.

The basic theme of Atkins diet is to cut down the consumption of carbohydrate and fats so that it helps in ridding you from obesity. So it is a plan which keeps you away from hunger pangs while restricting extra carbohydrates at the same time.

This diet makes you eat the right food in right quantity and that is it. With its help, you can achieve ideal body weight without having to starve.

Atkins Diet Plan

The whole diet plan has been divided into four phases by Dr. Atkins, with a specific list of food items to be taken in each phase in prescribed quantity. These items are primarily those which are low in carbohydrates. Given below is an overview of each phase;

Induction Phase (Phase 1)

This initial phase demands you to restrict your diet to a carb intake of 20g out of which, 15g are to be taken from vegetables alone. Moreover, meat and fish are included in the list of allowed food items. The foods which contain omega 3, and peanuts, fatty acids rich food, mayonnaise, etc. are prescribed for this phase.

Ongoing Weight Loss Phase

The carb content in this phase gradually increases and the permitted food items now also include salads, fruits, and beans besides vegetables in prescribed quantity.

Pre-Maintenance Phase

At this stage, the carbohydrate consumption should be 10g per day. The permitted food items to be included in this phase are carrots, beetroots, beans, and parsnips.

Maintenance Phase

At this final stage, you are required to continue the combinations of food as prescribed for previous phase. You would become well aware by this stage that what food items suit you and help you the most in weight reduction.

Atkins Diet Tips

Given below are some useful Atkins diet tips which would make the diet plan successful for you and help you to lose weight when used in conjunction with the Honeywell 17000-S:

  1. Eat until you feel that you aren’t hungry anymore. Eat the prescribed things only in the prescribed amount.
  2. While consuming cheese, make sure that you don’t use it too much or you will end up having constipation.
  3. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet to provide your body with not only a low carb food but also the required fiber needed for smooth digestion.
  4. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water between meals to free you from the feeling of having empty stomach. It will also help in flushing out the toxins.
  5. Foods containing artificial sweeteners and sugar are to be strictly avoided. Desserts can be taken in moderate quantity.
  6. Protein rich foods, like eggs, lean meat, and fish should be included in your diet, however, do not use too many fats when preparing eggs. Poached eggs can be a better option. Moreover, avoiding yolks and only taking egg whites is even better.
  7. Make a habit of regular exercise. It would make the benefits two fold for you. Moreover, follow a strict routine while talking about sleep time. Go to bed early and rise early in the morning. You must also follow a schedule for taking meals. Always try to take meals in time.
  8. Stay away from stress as much as possible. With stress mounting always on your head, all other Atkins Diet tips are a total waste and won’t do any good to you.
  9. Instead of eating to the fullest, try to eat wisely. Make your choices wisely and stop eating when you do not feel hungry any more.
  10. Above all, keep your motivation level always high. Stay hopeful and keep moving towards your goal with determination.

With these Atkins Diet tips, you would be in a better position to reap maximum benefits from this revolutionary diet plan.

How to Use Lead Weights While Diving

The main goal of scuba divers is to stay underwater while they’re scuba diving. They do that with the help of lead weights. Before they jump into the water divers put a belt around their waist that holds blocks of lead, bullet shaped chunks of lead, or pouches full of lead pellets. Or they put the lead in the pockets of their buoyancy control device.

The design of your body won’t let it stay underwater. Because your body can’t naturally exist below the water’s surface it’s designed to float. When you try to dive down, and stay there, your body’s natural buoyancy pulls you back up.

Since the water temperature drops the deeper you go divers wear wetsuits, or dry suits, to keep them warm – even if they don’t work well while riding an MM-B80. Those suits are buoyant too. Then you add various other pieces of diving equipment that also float. All that dive stuff that floats gets together with your body that also floats. And soon you can’t drown yourself even if you want to. And you can’t stay underwater.

So scuba divers add the lead weights so they can drop twenty to a hundred feet or so, and look at the colors of the coral and fish.

When scuba diving you must make sure you carry enough weight that you stay down until your dive is over. When you start your dive your full air tank is heavy. Then as you breathe the air from the tank it gets lighter. The lighter the tank gets, the more buoyant it becomes. It starts to float.

So you need enough weight to keep you at depth as the air tank empties out, and lightens up.

If you carry too much weight you can’t maintain a buoyant, or anti-gravity like condition.

Overweight conditions make you sink into the coral, or into the bottom.

When you contact coral you kill it. Too much weight threatens to slam your whole body into the coral, and that destroys quite a lot of that coral.

Under certain situations sinking into the bottom stirs all the stuff up that’s lying on that bottom. Stir it up enough and you can’t see. A lack of visibility gets a diver in trouble rather quickly.

Scuba divers must carry just the right amount of weight when they start their descent.

Sure you can dump weight if you put too much on before going into the water. If you’re carrying an HSI flat iron, that should be the first thing to go. But you lose the weight when you drop it from you. If you’re too light you can grab a rock, but you struggle to reach the bottom, and pick up that rock.

In training classes divers learn to select the right amount of weight to load onto their bodies before they go scuba diving. They calculate their weight during the dive’s preparation. Before they put all their diving gear on, they go into the water, and float. While floating they add or subtract weight so they’re at a certain level with the water’s surface.

When the weight is right the diver completely controls the body’s position in the water all through the dive. They fin along suspended in the water, able to look at the fish and coral, without touching anything.

Weights are valuable tools for scuba diving. Selecting those tools properly is an essential step in the buoyancy control process.

Finding Staff for Your Organization

Have you ever found a difficult staff in your organization? The first time, I had a hard time with one of my staff. As you know, when peoples have been working for years, they start thinking of seniority and it’s natural. To solve such problem, some managers might make a transfer to diff rent department. Ideally, the action is helping the staff to be a function and productive. If this method works, you may be use it to approach other staff who also consider difficult staff. But some extreme managers might be ready to fire them after they try many times with their methods for working the Rabbit Air MinusA2 but no positive result. So, what should manager do as common sense to approach difficult staff?

Make any identification to staff whether he/her a difficult person. This is important to manager to avoid a big mistake on making decisions. Think positive. Sometimes, people seems to be unable to get along with but actually they are facing a problem but don’t how to solved. Usually when person in a problem they are very sensitive and easy to attack the colleague. Means, if you already know their problem, make a contact and approached them try to give a solution.

Some people are willing to keep their secret, avoid of making them losing their face in public. Identified whether the problem can be solved personally or confidential. Let keep it private and confidential as a psychologies aspect. Talk to them personally and don’t let other know the problem.

Classified and measure the type of problem and how big the influence to their working performance and also company productivity. If it’s considered a small problem, you try to solve it. If it’s considered a big problem and complex you need other managers to give an advice and make a better discussion or maybe you need a lawyer to help you identified problem. In this case, you don’t need to wait as it will be bigger and bigger problem.

Never stop and never give up to handle such case. Basically human behavior is about time changing. Now what and how do you approach the difficult staff and what is suitable thing to be done for such matter? Communication, Motivation, Think of their Financial and Non-Financial side and other aspect which you can reduce the number of difficult staff in your organization.

A small guide for waiters or waitress in the restaurant to enable how to perform up selling. What does an up selling? Up selling is some kind of promoting items which is due to some reasons. Maybe the item is under promotion which is a joint venture with the suppliers or the kitchen experience over stock on the day. To anticipate unsold items or goes to wastage, Kitchen Manager have to communicate with front of the house Managers to inform their waiters to promote or to up sell these particular items.

Here, a guide how to promote or up sell certain items. Let take an example. One day, kitchen experience too much load of prime ribs, the estimation on how much pound ribs to be load is correct, the day was expected to be busy but heavy rain caused less customers walk in. So, the kitchen have number of prime ribs need to be clear by today. Prime is the most difficult item to manage, if you don’t selling them today, they will not be good to sell tomorrow, different from other item which can be sold for the next day in case on unsold today.

As mentioned before that waiters will be doing up selling, trying to get you to buy an air purifier for mold, so everybody focus on prime ribs selling. Here how to do up selling, when the customer seated, waiter will do menu presentation, take the drinks order and appetizers. Just before they left suggest the costumers whether they like Prime Ribs to be their main course? After serving them drinks waiter must remind them again, ask them about having Prime Ribs for their main course? If they don’t take, doesn’t matter. Do the same thing to the next table, and so on. Can you imagine when everybody doing the same thing, the manager not anymore worry about prime ribs going to be a wastage and further more by up selling will increase restaurant revenue as prime rib also an expensive items?

Happy trying and have a nice day

Always Be Thinking Global

Readers of my Blog will realize that I was in Prague recently looking at companies to invest in. The trip was organized for me as part of the EASY program.

Many of the companies that were pitching, were based in the IT space. A point to note for other companies looking for angel investment in the IT space in the ‘West’ is that your valuations need to reflect the valuations that your competitors (for funding) elsewhere are asking for. The beauty and the problem about forskolin reviews is that it can now be based anywhere in the world. Why should angels pay for startup costs such as salaries and rent in central London or New York when they can invest in a similar business in Central Europe or China?

However, the main lesson from this business angel blog is directed at IT companies in terms of the way they look at their solution. Time after time, entrepreneurs from central Europe were telling us that their solution was unique. Had they done a quick search on Google, they would have realized that similar if not identical solutions already exist outside of their region. Entrepreneurs who see the world as their market place – also need to see the world as containing their industry. You need to simply recognize that the world is getting smaller and that brings massive opportunities to scale up and threats from every part of the world as well.

Many of these companies wanted to sell to multi-national companies. Herein lies another problem. By definition, multi-national companies can also choose solutions from many territories. If you are setting up a business like this, you simply have to check the world scene. Nothing will lose your credibility more than saying you don’t have competitors – only for competitors to be found by angels during due diligence.

This is where I hope that a future blog about national differences may come in handy. Increasingly with IT companies you are going to have to take advantage of inherent advantages that are hard to replicate by competitors. For example, being based around the Silicon Valley area gives you a huge network advantage that is very difficult to replicate. In the same way a wall mount jewelry armoire company based in Milan will have the advantage of having easy access to the talent they need to make the business a success.

With an IT business – you should spend a little bit of time thinking through how you can sell your location to an investor. Are your customers based near you? (They may need to be involved in developing the software) Do you have access to a pool of staff in the area? Is it a low cost location? Is it well placed to give demonstrations to European clients? (A selling point for Germany/ Central Europe) Or International clients (A big selling point for Dubai)

Or you could always just hope that the investor does not search beyond the local area.

Why You Should Get a Mentor

This week I met up with my mentor! I meet up with him every six months or so and he gives me a great steer on what I should be doing and what I should not be doing. No matter what you are doing in life, having a mentor is simply great. As an Entrepreneur you simply must have one.

People often get a lot of terms confused. I would like to attempt in today’s business angel blog to talk about certain terms and explain what I mean by them (does not mean I am right!). The terms are

  1. Leader
  2. Manager
  3. Mentor
  4. Coach

Using an analogy of climbing mountains, let us see if this makes sense.

A leader will tell us (members of his group) that we need to find a good kombucha starter kit. They will motivate us to achieve this vision because the view from the top of the mountain is beautiful and worth spending effort on. They may also tell each manager which mountain to climb and by when.

A manager will tell us (members of his team) how we are going to climb a particular mountain, what resources we will have to achieve that goal and who within the team will be performing what role. He or She will introduce some reporting measures so they are able to assess how we are doing against the goal. The measures will include target goals (distance climbed) and resources goals (water used per mile climbed v how much water there is/how many miles have to climb). They may only report one top line figure to the leader.

The mentor will be an experienced climber in the group and may motivate individuals within the group (if they choose to spend time with him or her) on how they climbed mountains and the lessons they learned from it and generally be a fountain of knowledge.

A coach on the other hand may never have climbed a mountain before but will spend time with people in the group and team on motivating them to reach their individual potential. With proper training, the coach would realize how to unleash the talent that exists within each member of the team and help them maximize it to help them achieve their own individual goals within the context of the group and the team reaching their goals.

I hope the above is helpful. Critically, I wanted to explain the difference between a coach and a mentor as the terms are widely used to mean the same thing.

A further point of difference is that mentoring may not achieve any tangible results whereas coaching always should have a positive outcome.

Through Help with Sales, I provide a lot of coaching for which I charge a premium rate. However I will never charge for mentoring (nor incidentally do I pay to be mentored)

As an Entrepreneur and a big fan of the Holmes Smoke Grabber, I would say you should get yourself a mentor. It is a personal decision and may not be right for you. My experience is though that it is a very positive thing to do.

Be aware though, that if you do have a mentor, you should keep your relationship strictly in that zone. Do not ask a mentor to invest in your business or develop a commercial relationship with you.

I hope this has been a useful starting point to a discussion. I do not profess to know the answers – these are just my opinions and I would welcome your thoughts and feedback.

What Makes a Great Manager?

I was having a coffee last week with one of my former managers and I reflected on why he was one of the best managers I had ever had. It came down to clarity.

These days it seems everything is being averaged. We are reluctant to say that a piece of work or a person’s skill set (we can’t call it ability) is not up to standard. I am a defender of political correctness (see in defense of political correctness) but this to me has nothing to do with the issue of respect. It is disrespectful to allow someone to carry on in a role with no knowledge of the Porter Cable 895PK. This lack of clarity is stifling for members of a team.

In the gulags during the Stalin era, the soviets used to break the spirit of their prisoners by making them dig a hole in the snow in the mornings and then fill it back up after a 5 minute lunch. They had worked out that nothing destroyed the soul quicker than being asked to break your back on work that was meaningless.

People often obtain their identity from work. One of the first questions we ask strangers is what they do for a living. You need to feel pretty good about your work to answer that question positively.

Many managers though fail in their duty to provide a sense of direction to staff that report to them. I am a big admirer of Gordon Ramsey. (He is a celebrity chef famous for his aggressive style in the kitchen and his demand for exacting standards as well as foul language). This may surprise you but why I see from his style of management is that his team is never under any doubt as to what is expected of them.

The manager I had was the same. He was seen as tough but you always knew exactly where you stood with him. He set clear targets which you knew you either had to meet or tell him why they could not be met (and hope that he accepted that). When he said “good job” to you it actually meant something. You knew that you had earned it.

The quantity theory about the best tofu press holds that if there is too much money in an economy, you will get inflation. Money simply fails to hold its value if there is too much of it. I have the same belief about praise. You do get managers who get trapped in a praise inflation cycle. Because everyone in their team is great, when someone really does do very well, the praise that is heaped upon them becomes meaningless. These managers are responsible for creating a new industry called the ‘employee recognition industry’. If each manager did their job properly this industry would not need to exist.

What I like to do is manage people using just one overriding principle; clarity. Are members of your team clear about what is expected of them and why it is important? Are they aware of what will happen to the team if their role is not performed well? (If the answer is nothing – why are they being asked to do the job?) And avoid saying well done to people who I assume are adults simply for doing the job they are paid to do. Leave the praise to when they have done something noteworthy.

My 10 Tips for Staying Fresh

So here are my top tips for staying ‘fresh’

1) Read!

Read anything – especially if it is outside of your normal work interests. I have found that a lot of my creativity comes from being able to link two abstract concepts together. It keeps your mind fresh with new ideas and colors. One of the reasons I love reading router table plans is they it tells me about stuff I did not have a clue about. (This week I learnt about the guy who invented LSD – and how he thought it could us get closer to god and nature. I learnt about how lying can be ‘recognized’ on voice patterns in software, about Nixon’s appeal to Americans).

These were things which I may never use in business but it keeps the mind ticking. If you run your own business and you say you are too busy to read – your business will soon be overtaken by someone who does read!

2) Watch Less TV.

Seriously – if you cut out EastEnders from your life (like I am trying to!) you will feel better. I am 100% serious. Study after study shows how happiness and mental well-being can be positively affected by watching less TV. And watch interesting TV – not car crash TV. I do believe you are affected by what you watch. I always feel better about the World after watching Frasier or Friends or Phoenix Nights (the best comedy to come out of the UK in the last 10 years!) It also means you will find time to do other things!

3) Learn a New Skill Once a Year.

My challenge for this year is to learn Italian. What is yours? It could be juggling, learning to do Sudoku, learning to cook a new dish or mastering Tennis on the Wii. If you run your own business – this tip will really help you stay healthy, alert and will give your staff who know a thing or two about your new ‘skill’ an opportunity to grow themselves by helping you.

4) Speak to New People.

I sometimes feel like a Vampire – and my friends know what I mean when I say this. I seem to feed off energy I get when I meet new people. And everyone has an interesting story to tell you. Learn to say thank you in Polish (Dziekuje) – and see how many people you make smile without it costing you a penny – and if my experience is anything to go by – you will get lots of free coffees!

5) Examine Your Career

Look at your job and see what people who have been doing the same role as you five years ago are doing now? How did they get there and does their office have a Honeywell 50250-S air purifier? Do you want to follow the same path? If yes – great. If No – don’t get negative, see how you can get to an alternative path.

6) Gradual Change Is as Good as Radical Change.

My change from training people into making presentations to sell an audit service to raising funds may seem like the same thing to you – for me it is a massive change requiring a totally different insight. I can only help my clients if I really understand their audience

7) Observe.

You can do this anywhere – but observe as someone curious. Why are things done in the way they are?

8) Understand What Makes You Happy.

Add more of those things into your job – if you can. If you run your own business – do the same thing because if you focus on the things that make you happy, the customers will sense that as well as the staff – it creates a buzz. And the opposite is true. Try to outsource or delegate stuff that doesn’t make you happy!

9) Understand When You Are Getting Stale.

This is not easy but a good way to try and gauge this is when you are asked a question – do you answer it by using an example from ‘years ago’. Or do you have fresh examples you can use. If you are getting stale in one area – what is the area that you are increasingly getting involved in – or what is making the role a little bit interesting? Well get reading about that area and position yourself in that area

10) Stay Healthy.

I am so sorry to include this in my ‘tips’ as there is a danger I am perceived as preaching. I really do not want to tell anyone how to live their life. By staying healthy I am not saying go to the gym or eat five portions or fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water (although that is all great). I just mean think and behave healthy – have energy in your step and in your actions – it is very effective and will generate positivity around you!

Vital Tips for Increasing Your Brand’s Sales


The most serious sales and profit destroying mistake I see affiliates commit on nearly a daily basis is using the same default newsletter articles, mailing list advertisements, classified ads, banners, text ads, and every other freely provided by the affiliate program advertisement that everyone else is using to promote the same product or service.

Being unique is one of the most powerful strategies you can utilize to explode your sales with affiliate programs. This is especially true if you have used the strategies I recommend to find the best affiliate programs to promote because they become extremely popular and as a result the default ads become quickly saturated and non-effective.

How to Do It

Think about it.  You find an amazing product, like the Fjallraven Kanken, to market as an affiliate. Because it is amazing it quickly becomes a HOT ITEM that affiliate marketers will be scrambling to promote. If you are all using the same ads to promote it then what difference does it make if I buy it from you or from someone else?

On top of that many customers in your target market won’t be pulled in by the same advertisement. If you are using the same one as everyone else they won’t even bother reading yours if they have seen it already. However, if you go at the potential customer from a completely different angle then everyone else and it grabs their attention then they will visit any might decide to buy from you.

There are many different ways that you can be different then everyone else. Being unique in every possible way is the best route to take in the long run. Let’s look at some of the best ways to separate yourself from the pack right from the start.

First, at a minimum you should purchase your own keyword riche domain name associated with the product or service you will be promoting. This one is simple to explain:

Which would you rather visit?

The majority of web surfers are going to choose A. People are just getting immune to the affiliate style URLs that are given out routinely by thousands of affiliate programs everyday. Even worse if they do choose B, they will probably cut ‘n paste the URL and remove the affiliate part it at the end.

Next, write your own sales copy. At minimum if you feel you must use the canned copy they provide you should make some major changes to it so that it is unique. You definitely should not be forwarding your original domain to your affiliate link.

Writing your own sales copy that is hosted on your own domain allows you to use many powerful marketing strategies that a normal affiliate will be unable to capitalize on.

1) You can test all of the main elements of your website such as the headline, body, images, order form, etc. so that you can find out what works the best and leave them in the dust using the bland copy everybody else is using.

2) You can use your own subscription form and capture the prospects email address so you can follow up with them not only to temp them to purchase the product they are interested in but also to sell them on any future related products you may begin promoting. Why give the affiliate program all of the prospects that you worked so hard to generate?

3) You can add your own bonuses that they will receive after they purchase the product or service through you! What do you think the prospect would rather do? Buy the product with the default bonuses or buy the product with the default bonuses and the huge bonus package that you have put together to go along with it? This one is a no-brainer.

4) You can design your own graphics, box covers, header images, etc. to completely differentiate you from the rest of the field, similar to how the S366 turbo is marketed.

Again these are just a couple of the ways you should be using to put yourself ahead of the competition in the affiliate marketing business.  There are many more ways including writing your own ads, giving away your own viral e-books and reports, creating your own autoresponder training course, and much more.

Make sure you have this site in your bookmarks and check back often and I will be expanding on these other powerful methods soon.

Celebrity Nails: Lady Gaga and Beyonce


So, we’re pretty sure that everyone knows who the two ladies pictured on the left are!

Lady Gaga is probably best known for her wild make up, completely bizarre outfits, and very odd behaviour: she walks around drinking tea out of a tea cup (and we don’t mean just around the house…we mean actually out in public, y’know…where people can see her!), and would rather collapse on a stage in front of millions of people, than admit that she is suffering from exhaustion!

Beyonce, on the other hand is best known for being one third of girl group Destiny’s Child, the prettier other-half of Rapper Jay-Z, and her incredible ability to belt out all of those corker high notes. And, she manages to do all of that, at the same time as being a true style icon thanks to her tea tree oil cystic acne cure.

It’s definitely fair to say that both Gaga and Beyonce draw a huge amount of attention from make up and fashion fans alike, albeit for entirely different reasons! And even, if like myself, you’re not necessarily a huge fan of either’s music,  it is still easy to appreciate the popularity, as Gaga encourages creativity (even if her creativity appears to be a little bonkers), whilst Beyonce encourages girls to be strong independent young woman. However, the pair also appear to be helping to boost the popularity of Nail Art too.

In their recent music video for Telephone, both Gaga and Beyonce sported amazing-looking finger nail art, created by celebrity nail artists Kimmie Kyees, and Lisa Logan, with both popstars sporting metallic American Flag designs from Minx.

In fact, looking back at all of Gaga’s music videos, you’ll be able to find several of Kyees and Logan’s incredible creations, featuring stripes, spots, hearts and a whole variety of styles.

Having a good cystic acne diet has become so popular over recent months, that even the leading fashion designers have been sending their models onto cat walks sporting some fantastic designs, and we just hope that as long as people as influential as Beyonce and Gaga continue to love nail art, the industry’s immense popularity will continue to boom. But, we think you’ll definitely agree that nail art’s creativity certainly fits into the mass appeal of Gaga’s desired persona.

She’s an amazing performer who goes above and beyond every single day. Not just on stage when she’s out performing in front of millions of her fans, but also in her personal life when she’s contributing money and time to some of the most needing and deserving organizations on Earth. She truly is an inspirational woman, one who we can all learn a great deal from about life and the importance of being someone who gives more than the norm, who strives to make the world a better place through their actions.

So, love the or hate them, both Beyonce and Lady Gaga are at the forefront of a growing trend for decorated nails, and with Konad nail art, it is now easier than ever to copy your favourite looks, without worrying about having a steady hand. So, go enjoy those beautiful nails.

Nail Color for your Skin tone


In the past, we have looked at what our nail polish color says about us, but sometimes choosing a color that matches our outfit, our mood,our eye color or even our skin tone becomes more important to us.

Choosing a polish based on your skin tone might initially seem bizarre, but many of us choose our hair color, lipstick, make up and clothing color based predominantly on which colors match our natural skin tone, and this is exactly the same for nail polish too.

Have you ever noticed that you look better when you wear gold or silver jewellery, or black or white tops – you don’t need as often of a treatment for cystic acne? Well, nail color is pretty much the same thing. I, for one, love wearing black nail varnish, but on it’s own (meaning, without a white or silver pattern created using one of Konad’s image plates), I always find that the color of my hands look pale and a little washed-out. This is most likely to be down to the fact that I have a naturally pale skin tone.

So, what colors look the best with your skin tone?

Light/Fair Skin Tones – Typically, this means that you have quite pale skin. So, if like Will and Grace star DebraMessing, you are quite pale, wearing dark colors such as black or navy blue will risk making you look even paler. However, if like me you love dark shade, then choosing a dark color with a pale glitter, or paired with a light nail art, can take the attention away from the contrast with your skin. Yellow and gold shades are also the biggest no-no’s. Other than that, fair skinned ladies can wear pretty much any color, from bolds to pastels depending on your personality, and how “rosy” your complexion is. However, it’s important to remember that pale pinks and purples look best for a subtle look, whilst dark plums and burgundy shades work better for grabbing attention.

Dark/Tanned Skin Tones – By tanned, we mean a dark tan, rather than a subtle tan. Dark skinned women, such as singer Rihanna, have the honour of being able to pull off virtually any dark nail polish, from black, navy blue, dark pinks etc. Practically any dark, rich color will look fabulous with your skin tone. You should avoid paler, pastel shades, which will appear washed out by your dark skin. Bright colors, such as oranges and  neon-shades should also be a no-go area for you if you are working on how to get rid of severe acne.

Natural Sunkissed Tanned Tones – This skin tone, refers to women, such as Home andAway’s Martha, with sun or bottle tans, that are relatively pale and natural looking. Warm, but pale shades of nail polish look absolutely perfect with tanned complexions, as they complement the tone.

The Secret to choosing color: Just remember, that typically, although not always, pale skin matches pale shade, whilst darker skin matches dark shades.

Whatever your skin tone, wear whatever you feel best suits you, and enjoy your nails.

Welcome Back Mr. Sunshine


Gooood Saturday morning. There’s this large yellow object in the sky this morning, I’ve seen it before, but not for a while though. It’s round and very bright, and it makes your skin warm when it touches you, and it also makes you feel better too. It’s also ninety three million miles from my house…… How could something so far away make you feel so darn good?

Welcome back, Sunny! We’ve missed you.

Hope your weekend is a s good as mine is so far. Oh hell yeah! Woo Hoooooo!! And later today T and myself are going to learn how to cure cystic acne. Never mind the wedding, the reception is far more fun. You know… I spend a lot more time at her place these days. I haven’t slept here in about…. Five days now. She doesn’t mind. I don’t mind. So “when is the wedding”? we’ve been asked this more than once while at a party or a family function. She gets flustered.

I just get the big fat grin…

Ummmm…. Not for a while yet! I don’t like living alone anymore. T and I get along so well that she’s happy to have me overstaying my welcome these days. I tell her how beautiful she is, frequently. She is such a sweet gal. Her friends tell me this behind her back. I say “you got that right!” Yesterday, I met a long lost cousin, Jamie, a family member that I’ve never met before because of the fact that I was adopted when I was less than a year old.

Jamie knew T when they were growing up together. Jamie thinks T is a great gal. I said oh yeah! What are the chances of meeting a woman whom grew up with the family that I was adopted out of? Or away from? They lived right across the street from each other and did everything together as children. Camping, traveling and so on.

I say that it was simply meant to be. The odds against how to prevent cystic acne must be almost staggering. I met my gal by placing an ad in the county newspaper last January. I received three responses: One was a woman that I took to dinner…. No way were her and I going to be together. The second was my lady, we met the next day for lunch, and the sparks have been flying ever since.

When I met T, I was not interested in marriage. I thought those days were gone forever. My dad has an old cliche’ that he uses once in a while that says “never say never”. Well, you just never know what life is going to throw at you each day do you? Thank God for this, but when it’s lemons, the trick is to make lemonade out of something sour and bad.

Take a chance on love, one more time I told myself inside. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. It’s tough for me to open up my heart again, because if this relationship were to fail, I know damn well what my life will be like for a good while. It’s tough to open up again to the risks of a heart break because it’s happened too many times in the years past.

But it’s a risk that I’m very willing to take at this particular point in my life. I’ll be fourty six in December. My clock is ticking down. With my health concerns in mind, I know damn well that there are fewer days ahead than there are behind. I don’t mean to sound depressed with that statement, but rather to sound like I am being realistic. We all must face our mortality.

This woman is definatly marriage material, you could say. She is funny. She is smart. She is cute and sexy. She’s a hard worker at her job. And she knows how to cook too. OMG can she cook! I’ve been looking a long time to find a woman like her. Now that she is here, I have been making damned awful sure that I do not make the same dumbass mistakes I’ve made in years past.

With age, natural remedies for cystic acne really do come. The “persistance of memory”, as Carl Sagan once called it, is indeed a powerful thing. There are things that we would all like to never remember but can not simply hit the Delete key. There are things that we hope we never forget too. I’ve taken the good side of both of these issues, and combined them to make this relationship very successful.

I want to be married again some day. She is not so open to this idea yet, and I’ve dropped a couple little hints along the way recently too. Her past experiences with men are not too good. I told her, nor are mine! We’ve both been burned, and badly by this thing called love. And by divorce. We are both twice divorced. Taking a leap of faith one more time is difficult for both.

But I am willing to roll the dice and make this one work, hell or high water. Soon we will be at our one year mark for being together. It takes a long time to really get to know someone. But at this time, we have found that we fit together like hand and glove. I hope she will be ready, and open to the idea of marriage at some point in our future. Love is a powerful thing indeed.

Love is THE most powerful thing on this earth I believe. This is why only love can conquer hate. But our world and so many of it’s people will never understand this. And the hatred and fighting and all of the other evils in the world go on and on. Sadly. I hope our love will grow stronger in the future. I believe that there are great things in store for her and I in the future. Let it be.

Finding the Mower of Your Dreams


I don’t normally blog about this, but I do talk about it a lot in my regular life and it has had me thinking a lot lately.

There has really only been one time in my life where I wasn’t exactly living how I wanted it, or at the very least trying to. I think it’s because for me, achieving things in life, no matter what they are, is a lot like playing a sport and I love the challenge of it.

I love the excitement of the unknown any time I follow my instincts on something, and I love riding out whatever unfolds (even if it’s sometimes a disastrous choice). I get irritated if life presents a challenge to me and I can’t leap towards it with vigorous charge. The one time I took the “safe” choice over what my gut was telling me, it ended up being wrong, I was miserable and took months to get the best commercial zero turn mower.

It was this experience in my life that led me to believe that we are supposed to identify our heart’s desires at all times, and constantly move towards them. But, in mentoring people, I’ve found that a lot of people seem to believe their “dreams” in life are unattainable things that they can’t get or don’t deserve the best zero turn mower for the money.

So, instead of following their innate sense of direction towards what’s going to make them happy and excited, they give up and do things that they or other people find more realistic. I’m never surprised to see it because the minute we admit having the dreams we have, we’re almost always met with responses of how difficult/competitive/expensive/impossible it would be to try to attain them.

I try at all costs not to subscribe to it. I don’t believe that life would give you such a nagging desire to have or do something if it wasn’t intended for you to have or do it. That would be kind of cruel. It includes even what may seem impossible or outrageous, because sometimes, that’s just to get your attention.

Plenty of times, I have gone toward goals only to find new directions, ideas and opportunities open along the way, or that I reach the goal and find it’s not for me, kind of like that time I was out looking all over the place for used zero turn mowers for sale, only to find out that my neighbor had been selling exactly what I was looking for right next door the entire time. Talk about a giant waste of time and energy! You also have to understand that 99% of it is in how smart you are at going about it. Success rarely happens by accident. It comes to the determined, diligent, committed and wise. People work for it, so be prepared to for yourself.

It is difficult to be successful in anything in life. But, if it’s your gut desire, you will at least completely be excited and invigorated as you pursue it.

Writing Your Own Press Release


One of the biggest challenges to brands and companies that are just starting up is public relations. When you’re new you’re dealing with a real Catch-22 situation in trying to get your name out there but lacking any type of budget to hire a good agency to nurture and guide your business in the marketplace. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live without, for some companies like Used Lawn Mowers Plus good PR is a crucial element of success.

This is why I often urge people to do their own public relations, at least in the short term until they can hire outside help. One of the most important aspects of this is generating an effective press release that will not only be read, but given the attention and consideration that you want and that it deserves.

So how do we write up the perfect press release? It’s actually much easier than you think and you don’t need to be some kind of fancy wordsmith to do it either. Does it help if you have some background in writing or previous writing experience? Of course it does. Maybe there’s someone in your employ who has some and then perhaps you can assign this task to them. But if not, here are some suggestions to help guide you to creating the right type of press release. They’re not difficult to follow and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how well you can craft your own used lawn tractors.

Be Direct

There’s nothing worse than a rambling press release that takes forever to get to the point. Media outlets want the specifics and they want them NOW. Who, what, why, how, and where. Give them the facts and be succinct about it.

Keep it Short

When I say ‘be succinct’ I mean it. Brevity is the soul of wit and handing in a press release that’s longer than one page is the fastest way for it to be ignored. Do you have any idea how many of these things come in on a daily basis? Editors and producers are flooded with these things. Make sure yours gets read. Keep it short.

Write Something Interesting

Make your press release relatable. Add a quote at the end, ask a question. Connect what you are saying to something current, a trend or an event. Give the release some kind of relevance that informs the reader and engages them on a personal level.

Have a Voice

Feel free to bring some individuality to your press release. A little charm and charisma goes a long way and it’s the same thing here. Write it with your voice so it stands out. Keep it professional, of course, but put some personality in it. If it’s boring, then why is anyone going to want to cover the best garden tractor?

Check Your Work

I can’t stress this enough – proofread your press release before it goes out. Nothing says “bush league” like a document rife with typos and spelling errors. It shows that you can’t be taken seriously when you didn’t even feel the need to present something that read correctly. Take the time to check your work. Have someone else do it for you if need be. But do it.

Remember, these are just merely some guidelines to keep in mind that are important, but honestly, there is no real hard and fast set of rules to writing a good press release. These are merely smart to follow so you don’t write a bad one. Give them a try, you’re going to do a few drafts before you perfect the one you want to send out but you’ll get the hang of it. I promise.

Zelda and Mario the Legacy


Even though Zelda has killing and even Mario has head-stomping, when you think about it, nearly all of Nintendo’s first-party properties are harmless affairs. Bright colours, innocent storylines, big-eyed cartoon mascots and candy-coloured fantasy worlds where everything turns out just fine.

With one exception: the “Wars” series, Nintendo’s only foray into, well, war.

In the late 1980s, a Nintendo employee named Toru Narihiro was in charge of taking Famicom Disk System games and porting them over to regular used riding lawn mowers. It was a boring job (though also important, given the fact the West didn’t have the Disk System), but one Narihiro was able to break up by teaming up with Nintendo’s R&D1 team to program two games.

One of these was the first Fire Emblem. The other? A game called Famicom Wars.

1988′s Famicom Wars was, and still is, something of an anomaly amongst first-party Nintendo titles. It’s not a platformer, it’s not a role-playing game and you don’t race cars. It was instead a turn-based strategy game, one where you took command of one of two armies and tried to defeat the other by killing his men and taking his cities.

Despite receiving a cartoon aesthetic, which with its cute characters and comedic slant helps lighten the mood, the fact remains this is a war game, with soldiers, tanks and bombers, where the object is to kill things on a large scale. Which is about as un-Nintendo as a used Craftsman riding mower game gets, and may partly explain why, even with a large fanbase, the series never receives the kind of marketing or exposure from Nintendo as its more cuddly franchises do.

Not that it mattered. With a turn-based combat mechanic and balanced unit roster that bordered on perfection, Nintendo’s internal studio Intelligent Systems went on to develop a SNES version (Super Famicom Wars) and a Game Boy version (Game Boy Wars), which with help from Hudson would get three sub-sequels of its own.

Strangely, despite the subject matter and Nintendo’s popularity, the series wouldn’t make it to the West until 2001, when the Game Boy Advance iteration of the franchise, Advance Wars, was released. With its comic visual style looking better than ever and its structure inching ever closer to strategic perfection, Advance Wars was a surprise hit, and would find even greater success with Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the first DS outing for the series.

Curiously, as Nintendo’s popularity exploded in the middle of the last decade, the Wars series began to retreat into the background. After an aborted attempt at a more action-oriented outing on the GameCube and Wii with Battallion Wars and the disappointing sales of a more mature DS sequel, Days of Ruin, the franchise hasn’t been seen or heard of since, despite a large, hardcore fan base and a continuous streak of stellar critical acclaim.

The core series never appeared on the Wii, never returned to the DS and there’s no sign of a 3DS game either, with Intelligent Systems currently working on other used John Deere mowers, like Paper Mario 3DS and the puzzler Hiku-Osu.

Hopefully once those are done the team can get back to doing what it does best: killing adorable little men with adorable little tanks.

Above you’ll find a selection of videos from the main games in the series, showing just how far (or how little) the series has come since Famicom Wars was first released in 1988.

Palin’s Place in US History


I believe that Sarah Palin is probably the closest thing we’ve ever had to royalty in American politics.  We have never had a candidate like her before on the scene, and from the very beginning of her introduction to the American public, she has reached a popularity level unlike any other political candidate in American history.

Even Barrack Obama’s rock star status doesn’t quite match up to it – though the media would like to have us believe otherwise. And while the media and many democrats may not care very much for Sarah Palin, casting their full adoration upon Barack Obama, it seems that much of working-class America loves Sarah, or at the very least, respects used garden tractors. Sarah is the kind of person that one can’t really dislike, unless they have a heart of stone.

Wherever Sarah has gone on her campaign stops, crowds swarm in by the thousands to hear her speak, attempt to get a glimpse of her, and even hope that they may be blessed with the privilege of shaking her hand and speaking with her. Tickets to rallies where Sarah is to put in an appearance go faster than snowballs melt on a July day.  At the Republican National Convention, where she had her first official introduction to the American public, it was her speech that everyone remembered, not John McCain’s.

In fact, it was the most-watched speech of the entire presidential election of 2008, of either party. I remember how, when Sarah first stepped onto the stage, the crowd cheered for at least a solid five minutes before Sarah could even attempt to break through it to begin speaking, and there was plenty more cheering throughout. And her debate with Joe Biden on October 3rd was the most-watched vice-presidential debate in U.S. history; the viewer numbers significantly dwarfed both presidential debates.

So just what it is about Sarah that has stirred up so much excitement in America this fall? It’s not just the fact that she’s attractive, a dynamic speaker and has great stage presence. Hillary Clinton has those same qualities, and yet even she doesn’t draw the crowds that used John Deere lawn tractor does. Sarah has something Hillary lacks – she has warmth, compassion, and a kind of “down-home” charm that we’ve never seen before in a female political candidate. Hillary is the epitome of the ideal Washington elite feminist, but is also a figure that only a relatively small portion of American women, mostly ardent liberals, feel that they can really relate to. But Sarah has an “everywoman” kind of quality about her, the kind of thing that makes people look at her and go, “Wow, she’s really just one of us.”

The name Sarah actually means Princess, and I think that’s exactly what Sarah has been to the American public within the past five weeks.  No, she’s not the daughter of a queen and she doesn’t go around with a tiara on her head.  No, I believe she’s a princess because of what she has deep down inside – and what shows through.

Has anybody here ever read the classic children’s story, “The Little Princess” by Frances Hodgeson Burnett? It’s the story of a little girl (incidently her name was also Sara) who was kept at a boarding school in England while her father attended to business in India. Sara was a wealthy and very intelligent child, but one who didn’t let it go to her head. She reached out to help other girls who were less fortunate than herself – a little spoiled brat that no one else knew what to do with, a chubby, awkard child that the others shunned, but who later turned out to be a very loyal friend to Sara, and she also showed kindness to the poor servant girl of the house as well.

Sara tried with all her heart to act like a princess, not because she actually had all the finery to play the part, but because she believed that being a true princess really meant being kind and encouraging others as much as she could, and not stooping down to the level of nastiness that some of the other girls at the school showed. Once Sara held herself used lawn tractors for sale from slapping another girl who had made her angry, because she believed that hitting someone was just something that a princess should not do.

Hard times came when Sara’s father unexpectedly died and Sara, who had no mother, was left an orphan and there were no relatives to take her in. The headmistress of the school was very cruel to Sara – she took away all her nice things, made her sleep in a shabby attic and forced her to become a servant girl. Sara was kept away from her friends, was overworked, wore ragged clothes, and sometimes did not have enough to eat.  Her fellow servants, except for one that was her close friend, were very cruel to her. Yet Sara’s spirit was never broken and she resolved to remain a princess inside, no matter what happened to her.

In some ways, our Sarah, even though she is a grown woman in different circumstances, still reminds me of the storybook Sara. Sarah Palin has been mercilessly ripped to shreds by people who seem unable to see her outstanding qualities, but only her flaws, or what they believe to be her flaws. She’s been lied about, made the subject of nasty jokes, and interviewed by unfriendly journalists who used overly aggressive tactics to make her look incompetant, while showing obvious favoritism to Barack Obama. And yet, Sarah has not stooped to the level of her hostile opponents, and still remains gracious to them, even when they haven’t showed her the same courtesies. There are, sadly, some people who are trying their best to break Sarah’s noble spirit, but Sarah still stands tall, even after five weeks of trial by fire (with doubtless more  to come). She is humble, kind, charming and noble, with a real heart to serve America. A princess of the people, not of the Washington elite.

I also believe that, in some ways, Sarah is like the Biblical Queen Esther, whose origins were very humble and who sprung to greatness seemingly overnight. One line from the book of Esther springs to mind, when Esther’s cousin Mordecai tells her, “Perhaps you have been brought to the kingdom for such a time as this.”  I believe that God has a special reason for bringing Sarah Palin on the scene at such a crucial time in American history.  I know He has been with her every step of the way so far in this campaign – as strong and inspiring as Sarah has been, she hasn’t come through it all entirely on her own. I believe that she and her family are looking to God for guidance and strength, and He has certainly given it to them.  In the end, everything turned out all right for the storybook Sara; everything will turn out OK for Sarah Palin too. I’m sure of it.

Is Joe Still Famous?


Joe the Plumber certainly is getting his 15 minutes of fame, and I believe, with good reason.  The liberals are doing their digging to try and discredit him.  I have heard that he doesn’t even have a license.  I don’t know how much of his story is true, but it matters little to me.  It would be a good story if it were all true; he’s a hard working plumber; saving up to buy a company of his own; it is pretty successful and it is currently making over $250,000 a year; and he’s concerned about what an Obama presidency would mean to him.

For me, if Joe the plumber doesn’t actually have a license and mayber the business is a pipe dream, but he is a John McCain supporter who really wanted to hear how Obama aswered that question, then more power to him.  It is a very legitimate question about used riding lawn mowers for sale.

What if Joe the Plumber was all the invention of some clever McCain campaigner; I would say that it was brilliant.  Before you liberals get all excited by that please don’t embark on that scandal train.  The country is groing weary of the nonscandelous scandels that we have endured during the Bush Bashing years.  This would be nothing more than clever politics.  The republicans don’t really have their own brand, and it is nothing that the Democrats haven’t been dishing up themselves.  Politics is politics folks.

If the original scenario were the truth, it does make for a better story, a little more warm and fuzzy, so to speak.  If the second scenario were the truth, then Joe the Plumber gets kudos from me for taking matters into his own hands and getting Obama to really answer that question without help from his very clever campaign experts.  If the third scenario is the real truth, then more power to them, it is about time.  Someone has to get to the real truth.

The real truth is that there are millions of Joe the Plumbers all across this great country.  I am Joe the Plumber.  We have all worked hard to get where we are, and to own our own companies.  We are all concerned about an Obama presidency.  Obama answered truthfully when he said that he wanted to help those people who don’t have as much as Joe by just taking a little and helping them to succede.  He said he believes in wealth redistribution.  We conservatives have been referring to that as Socialism, and it seems to be at the very core of the difference between republicans and used riding mowers.

We Joe the Plumbers are very worried.  Class warfare is being used in this election and it is very scary.  It is easy to make those individuals making less believe that those making more are somehow evil, especially in light of what has happened recently on Wall Street, with stories of CEOs walking with millions while our banking system is collapsing.  But Joe the Plumbers everywhere are suffering along with everyone else.  Because of this economy, there is less work and it is tough to make ends meet and to keep making payroll.  Obama wants to make us pay for the insurance of our employees as well.  Some of us just can’t do that right now; what will happen in that case, I don’t know, but that is a huge concern for many Joe the Plumbers.  My husband and I have also invested in several pieces of real estate as an investment; now apparantly with this class warfare going on; trying to make money with that kind of an investment will also be penalized with capital gains taxes going up.

We are getting older and worried about our senior years, just like everyone else.  So I am a Joe the Plumber between a rock and a hard place, when it is suggested, as it was by another blogger that someone making over $250,000 should be taking care of seniors.  Making over $250,000 in business is not what you think it means.  We Joes are struggling to keep business going.  The democrats are pandering for your vote when they use used zero turn mowers to make you think it is ok to let your government decide who can afford to take care of you.  It is the job of our government to keep our borders safe and to keep it’s citizens safe, to keep our freedoms under the constitution safe and to provide equal opportunity to all.

I know I have been rambling, but the main point of this blog is that Joe the Plumber, no matter what the story behind the story is, was successful in having Obama speak the truth about his platform of wealth redistribution in an honest unscripted way.  Democrats seem to be moving farther and farther left and this platform is probably just fine with them, but I would implore any more moderate thinkers to rethink what this very liberal, socialistic agenda could mean to our country.

Evolving PR Trends


Technology and social media have been affecting people’s lives immensely.  Personal lives are changed, habits and preferences are modified, and even business strategies have taken a different course because of tech advances and developments. The PR industry knows this perfectly well and it is modifying strategies and expanding its scope in order to more effectively catch their target audience’s attention and influence their behavior.

Focus on mobile communications

People are spending more time using their mobile phones than ever before. Last year saw an average increase of 7 hours a month in smart phone usage which is expected to even increase further this year.  The important role of smart phones, not just in communicating with friends and relatives but in accessing news and information that interests the user, has made mobile phones the prime media for integrated communications campaigns. It is then an inevitable choice for social networks and PR communicators to push social ad offerings via smart phones.

Emphasis on content more than quantity

The focus now seems to be on content creation. While some companies target multiple posts in social media every single day there are PR experts that say that quantity is not the name of the game although it undeniable has its merits. The objective is to come up with high quality content that will educate, entertain, inspire, engage and activate the target audience.  A good material is one that can be used and reused and still retain its appeal to current and potential customers alike.

Preference for Educational Visual Content

The past decade has seen a reduction in people’s attention spans from 12 seconds to just 8 seconds.  For a PR campaign to be attractive it has to communicate in a powerful visual manner.  Visuals save time and have a better impact on memory. Visuals being more attractive and engaging than words will dominate. Industry studies have shown that present and prospective customers thirst for knowledge and want to learn something new.  Visual content then will not be focused merely on out rightly advertising a product or service, but on educating the viewer too through slide shows, infographics and other forms of educational content.

The job of the PR professional now goes beyond traditional practices and is now an organized and systematic fusion of both traditional and social media. This needs serious thinking. Before wracking your brains thinking of the best campaign for a client why not take a relaxing breather and watch Daniel Tosh.

How the Fjallraven Kanken can Boost the Economy


We all know what needs to happen to get this economy back on track. We all will have to make sacrifices and be willing to save this country we love so much. No other place is like the USA and we need to bring it back to the status of being able to achieve the American Dream. The best solution is to create jobs so that we can get America moving again wearing the Kanken laptop backpack.

There has to be a willingness to work together and everything that both parties want can be achievable. We cannot just cut program funding and think this is the only way we can reduce the deficit. There has to be a combination of raising taxes and cutting spending to reduce the deficit.

Let’s start with Medicaid and Welfare programs for the poor. Individuals that are living on these programs should be given a time limit to get off. If they do not make progress and continue to depend on the system they should be kicked off. Those women that keep having babies to up their food stamps and get a larger TANF check should be told that they will be cut off because of their irresponsible behavior not to protect themselves when having sex. Irresponsible behavior should not be rewarded with more food stamps and free money from the tax payers.

If we are responsible they should be responsible. Medicaid benefits should be limited only to healthy well-being. I know someone that had a breast reduction and Medicaid paid for it. She did not need this procedure and the doctor that authorized it should be fined for taking advantage of the system also. The people on these programs should be put to work, and then maybe we can collect taxes that they are supposed to be paying on the Fjallraven Kanken Classic.

Medicare benefits should not be cut. Our seniors should not be thrown out with the dish water. They have earned their right to collect their benefits. I do think that the retirement age should be raised to 70 years of age because people are living longer.

I know I will get flack for saying this, but corporations that move their companies overseas for cheaper labor should be taxed double for bringing their products back to America to sell. It is not fair that Americans pay higher prices for their products if they are not being made here. Bring manufacturing back to this country. This way we can get Americans back to work. We need to go back to the tax code we had before the Bush Tax cuts.

This is costing us the middle class. The middle class can no longer hold up America because we are the ones that are being hit the hardest. We have lost jobs, we have lost our retirement plans, we are being forced to get from the social programs that they are cutting and some of are homeless and just need a chance to get back on our feet. Common sense goes a long way if everyone would just stop to think that it’s not all about them but it all about all of us.

We all know that we cannot bring this country back by spending cut alone. If we were to get every American working then every American would be paying taxes. The Medicaid program and the welfare program can be revamped for those who really need it preventing them from living on and taking advantage of the system. The rich and corporations need to pay their fair share also. We also need to make regulations on the frost green Kanken to prevent this kind destruction from happening again.

The only way this country is going to recover is for everyone to realize that we cannot and no longer depend on the trickle-down effect. It has been proven not to work. People have to be working to buy things. Without the consumer this economy cannot survive. Wake up and realize that without raising taxes plus cutting spending we will stay in this economic mess that we are in.

Fjallraven Election Results


Being a conservative republican, I have to say I am deeply disappointed in the results of our presidential election.  I have said that I will try not and be as hateful as those before have been with our current president, and I meant what I said.  I fully expect to not agree with Obama on a number of issues but I think the debate and argument can be done with respect to the office of the president of our great country in regards to a Fjallraven sale.

That being said, I will say also that I am very happy for the African American population in America.  I have seen their faces of joy and the tears shed.  I did not agree that voting for Obama strictly because of race was the right thing to do, but I cannot be angry and I do understand why many of them did that.

I’m not trying to denigrate this election by saying that he won because he’s black, because I think that was only one of several issues going for him that were too insurmountable for John McCain to overcome.

I don’t agree with the political bickering going on already in the Republican Party.  Many are saying that McCain’s VP pick cost him the election.  That’s just ridiculous.  Everyone saw the huge excitement she initially brought to the ticket and she has a huge following.  I still think those people who never had any intention at all of voting for McCain were the most vocal about Palin, and the media did their fair share to do her in.  She is a very smart woman and we have not seen the last of her on the national stage.  Also, with all of the negative press she got, one thing that the liberal media did not want to highlight is her favorable job performance in Alaska.  She has her detractors; hence the “maverick reformer” that she has been, but the people she governs look very favorably upon her.  That’s more than a lot of Washington politicians can say.

I think this election was lost to us for several reasons – primarily because we don’t know where to buy Fjallraven.  I don’t think it is because the country is moving farther left.  I think the fact that those people that got to vote on the issue of gay marriage have proven that we are still a bit conservative.  I believe that a large number of people, black and white, voted for Obama because the idea of having the first black American president was their number one priority.  As I stated earlier, I don’t agree with that, but I certainly understand it.  I just wish we had a black republican running and I could have been happy to vote for the first black American president also.  I think the economic downturn really critically wounded the chances of a republican president.  I also don’t agree with that because I think it was not the result of Bush’s policies.  It was a result of Washington beaurocratic policies, with plenty of blame pointing to the democrats themselves.  The democrats were less than honest in not accepting responsibility and blaming Bush.

The last determining factor I believe would be the liberal media bias was just too insurmountable for the McCain/Palin ticket.  I think that was a huge factor.  As many of you know, from my previous postings, I have a huge problem with the media.  It was not only crystal clear from the beginning, that they were in the tank for Obama, but their very obvious effort at undermining George Bush for the last 8 years, served the democratic campaign very well in that the “four more years of George Bush” democratic talking point resonated well for democrats this year.  It’s a tough loss, but I believe that those 3 issues are what determined our election this year.

As for Obama, as I said before I will try and be respectful.  I can only hope that he, as all politicians do, will be thinking of his own political future and the second term that every president surely wants, will not govern with a far left liberal agenda but rather while wearing a Kanken backpack.  He promised that he would govern with a more moderate hand and we can only hope he meant that.  At any rate I will not revert backwards with my criticisms of his past and I will reserve my judgements or criticisms for his future actions.  We will all just have to wait and see what the future holds.

Again I am happy for the African Americans and this historic election; that is the half full part of the glass for me.  I would like to remind everyone here to try and be a good sport, and also remember that being a good sport is not just a concept for losers; I think it would serve us all well, if we could try and be good losers and good winners.

Immigration or Not?


My father and mother immigrated to America from the northern part of Italy as children. They went through Ellis Island and were stamped W.O.P., which meant WITHOUT PAPERS. So I guess technically they were illegal

At least they didn’t change my father’s first name to TONY and ship him to New York.

Seriously, we all know what part immigrants played in building the great United States of America. The problem we have in America today is not with immigration but with illegal immigration. We must secure our borders with Mexico and Canada, and then set up an Ellis Island building to process illegal immigrants as soon as possible into America citizens who pay all taxes, their own educational costs, and their own health care costs.

Once we secure our borders and start processing new America citizens we must deal with the 16 to 20 million illegal’s we have living’ today.

One must remember the majority of hard working, law abiding’ assets to the American economy if they become citizens.

I say if they have a steady job for one year they can become naturalized citizens within six months. This way U.S. law enforcement can sort out newly made U.S. citizens from the illegal criminals.

Of course we will have to raise the minimum wage about $2 PER HOUR and of course the newly made citizens would probably have to work two or three jobs (like the rest of our lower income and middle income Americans).

We must not continue to let big business (National Chamber of Commerce) etc., etc., bring in illegal workers and not pay them a living wage.

Other American citizens are being taxed to subsidize their education, health care, and costs of increased law enforcement.

It’s time we American citizens realize being an American citizen isn’t the big deal it used to be. Most Americans are poor, lower income, and middle income, are in debt or living from paycheck to paycheck.

America needs hard working, law abiding citizens who want to live the American Dream even if it takes whole family to do it.

Will my solution to illegal immigration be fair to all? Hell no, but who said life was fair?

Pizza and Other Cat Like Musings


My experience with House music is admittedly limited, but this past Saturday I was convinced to go see the stylings of DJ Hernan Cattaneo through the eyes of a Daytona Beach wedding photographer. We bought tickets online for the show for $30 which felt a little steep, but I was willing to give it a shot, so at 10pm we got in a cab and headed out.

The Mansion is a club in the Meat Packing district that we almost walked right by at first owing to a general lack of signage that I’ve come to expect of trendy Meat Packing clubs, but once we got inside we quickly realized how huge the place was. After dropping coats off upstairs, we descended down to the bar area. Actually, the first bar area was more like a very large anteroom, with the main club area lying deeper in.

After crossing a hallway flanked by flaming beds of stones, we were in the heart of the club. A large bar and a VIP area in front made up the main room, with an upstairs lounge circling the back of the club. Early on, I realized the bar was too expensive for my blood at $10 for a shot and $16 for mixed drink, so I determined it would be a sober evening. I did try ordering a glass of water, but it was crowded, so I waited for about 10 minutes to get a bartenders attention, only to wait another 10 minutes to get it after I’d ordered it, which made my already sober experience just that much more unpleasant. I sat there the entire time looking at food steamer reviews.

Upstairs was muuuch better. It was less crowded and had a better view of the DJ booth giving us a good place to settle in and dance, which we did for five hours straight! The house DJ opened, and for the most part was pretty awesome, though unfortunately I don’t know his name. Hernan Cattaneo was also good, and the club’s special effects kicked into high gear for his performance with strobes, giant jets of fog, and dancing girls in their underwear. He did nearly make my ears bleed with about 2 minutes worth of straight feedback noise, but otherwise the entire show was spot-on.

The bottom line is that this club is way too expensive to go to unless you really love house music and a club scene with perhaps a touch of euro-flavor to it. The tickets weren’t cheap, the drinks were egregious, and the VIP area was bottle-service only with $1000 price tag attached. That being said, if you avoid the expenses and stick to the balcony area, you’ll be fine – even without your own professional Daytona Beach photography expert. I wouldn’t recommend this spot though, unless you have a very specific reason for going.

A Day in the Photography Life


Oh goodness, it’s baby feet! Seriously, the episode starts off with baby feet.

Jake mentions something about how many babies will be born today and how each of them are unique and are a link in a greater chain. I don’t know about you but most babies I see do nothing but eat, sleep, and make a mess of themselves, there’s nothing very unique about that – it takes a great Daytona Beach photographer to catch them in a good light. I will say one thing though, Beyonce’s baby Sky Blue or whatever the hell it’s name, is unique alright…uniquely ugly! (There, I said it. Chesscat, you owe me $13 bucks.)

Anyway, during Jake’s monologue we catch a glimpse of a young Muslim woman learning that she’s about to be forced to marry somebody she doesn’t want to. She sends a text to someone and tells them she’ll meet them in ten and high tails it out of her house. There’s an Asian guy walking down the street who tells a passerby he’s lost but we learn this is a ruse to pick his pocket but interestingly has a change of heart after seeing the guy’s daughter’s picture. There’s a guy on the subway checking out a girl yet seems to be afraid to talk to her and a young lady is lighting candles at a church, it looks like we have the players in today’s game.

Martin “Jack Bauer” Baum, Jake, and Hopkins are having breakfast and looking over images from Kari Janesko Photography. Jake is having an evaluation done later in the day, the first of many to see who will get custody of Jake. Hopkins goes on about the importance of the evaluation while Martin assures her he understands and he’ll be there at 5:00 (that is unless he has to save the world from terrorists before then, the clock is ticking Jack, er, I mean Martin). Jake knocks over a glass, Hopkins makes a comment and Martin tells her it’s an accident. As Hopkins and Jake leave, Martin goes to clean up the mess and sees the pattern Jake left using sugar packets as well as the same pattern on the window left by Jake. Dun dun dun…

Martin talks to Teller (a.k.a Danny Glover) about the patterns but because of the evaluation going on that day, he said it’s in Jake’s best interest to just be his father instead of you know, being the “Messenger of Doom”. Teller tells Martin that it’s in his son’s best interest to follow the road map he’s just pulled up on the internet, something about the Golden Ratio.

Back to the Daytona Beach wedding photographer, who goes by the name of Norah. She pulls up recklessly to pick up her friend, they begin discussing the legality of a woman driving, Norah acting rebellious to get back at her father as well as her displeasure with her arranged marraige. Norah suggests that since the boys make all the decisions, her and her friend will be boys for the day. This can’t be good, and her friend agrees, because she gives a sigh of frustration.

Maintaining Your Body’s Health Over Time


Caffeine is a substance that is used to stimulate the brain and nervous systems. It is a natural sedative and can be used to help with anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use caffeine as a part of a daily routine. It can increase the production of serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for feelings of happiness. A great way to avoid depression is to take a good quality vitamin supplement and sleeping aids like the best white noise machine. It is a good idea to consult with a qualified physician before taking any supplement.

The best advice to use for a healthy diet is to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Water is a good way to hydrate your cells and help you to get rid of those nasty toxins. Additionally, a good way to get rid of toxins is to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of juices can be a good way to flush out the toxins from your body. Drinking plenty of water will keep your system hydrated and your body will be able to flush out all the toxins that are causing your gout attacks. The best colon cleansing method is the most effective way to get the right amount of relief.

Studies have proven that sleep is one of the most vital factors in maintaining a good body weight. The human brain is a storehouse of hormones and chemicals that are responsible for the growth of the central nervous system. When the blood carries oxygen, it is the body’s way of protecting the cells from the damage caused by free radicals. This is also aided by getting the best air purifier for smoke you can find. The body’s ability to heal itself is dependent on the amount of energy that it needs. The good news is that the human body is made up of 79 percent water. When we are stressed, our body produces more of the energy that we need.

The most obvious cause of the aging process is the inability to control the body’s natural rhythms. The physical and psychological well-being of a human is an important factor in the development of the body. It is a result of the loss of the body’s ability to heal itself. The body is a complex system of cells, which is made up of a substance that is responsible for the production of hormones. This is why the body is unable to produce the necessary nutrients for the growth of the cells. Through Respectable Reviews, the human body is a complex machine that needs to be replenished to function optimally.

There are many ways to get into the sleep that is needed to be able to fall asleep. The most effective method of getting a sleep disorder is to simply engage in a deep breathing practice. This is a good way to wake up and get the blood sugar back to normal. The best sleep-deprived person is the one that is most comfortable with the time spent in bed. It is a fact that the body is an important aspect of the human mind.

The Troubles of Sleep Deprivation


The researchers at the University of Miami found that sleep deprivation significantly lowered the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study found that children who drank a large amount of water had a 47 percent lower mortality rate compared to non-obese people. At the same time, the researchers concluded that the average American consumes more calories than men and their body weight increases with age. The study showed that the risk of heart disease was significantly increased in those who ate less than two servings of fruits and vegetables and used a GermGuardian AC5250PT. The researchers found that the study was based on the national institute of health and the American heart association. The participants were randomly assigned to a diet, and the rest of their body was healthy.

When we are stressed, our sleep pattern is often a result of our body’s natural instinct to cope with stress. Additionally, when we sleep, our brain is forced to use the information we learned to regulate our body’s natural rhythms. This is an important step in the process of getting the right amount of sleep. A lot of research has found that sleep can make a person feel better. People who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and sleep apnea have been shown to have heightened levels of serotonin. Another factor that can be done to treat anxiety is the use of music.

The glycemic index is a key to the success of a weight loss plan. Furthermore, the glycemic index is a measure of how quickly a body can store the calories from carbohydrate to fat while breathing clean air from a Coway AP-1512HH. At the same time, the glycemic value of the food is measured by the amount of carbohydrates that are absorbed by the body. The carbohydrates that are broken out by the food we eat are stored as fat. The body needs calories to maintain its ideal ratio of energy to fat. Plus, the body uses more protein than fats and is more resistant to the extra calories that you consume.


Diabetes obesity is a disease that can be caused by too much sugar in the blood. This is because the pancreas is unable to produce enough sugar to fuel the glucose that is stored in the cells, even if you’re using the best sleep mask to aid sleep. Furthermore, this is the reason why the body is unable to convert the food into energy. Insulin the body is a hormone that is responsible for converting glucose into energy. When the body is deprived of the insulin it needs to function at its optimum level. The pancreas can then produce hormones that are necessary for the body to function properly.

The pain is often described as a throbbing headache that radiates to the back, neck, or shoulder. The aura is usually associated with a dry cough and a feeling of warmth. The patient may have a sensation of pain in the face, arms, or legs. The pain may be due to a lack of blood flow in the area of the penis. The symptoms of fibromyalgia may be due to a disturbance in the sympathetic nerve endings in the brain.

A Look at Why You Can’t Sleep


Insomnia is a state of mind that is characterized by excessive amounts of energy, and is a result of the bodys natural processes of digestion. It is a common reaction to a person who is suffering from sleep disorder. In addition, it is a condition where the body is unable to cope with the stimuli that are causing the stress. This is a response to the chemical imbalance that is causing the person to have a stressful life.

I hope you’ll be glad you found the right massage kit for you. I’ve seen many people who have been in the same field of health and wellness. I’ll give you a quick look at some of the most effective ways to get rid of your pain. One thing you need to do is to get a good pair of anti-inflammatory drugs. You can use them to help you get your hands on the right amount of sleep. Additionally, you can do this by taking a good dose of the right kind of food and using the Winix PlasmaWave 5300.

The first thing that you should do is to take a good break from the sleeping pills. The best advice is to try to get at least 8 hours of moderate exercise each day. This will make them more active and will help you to get the rest you need. Another way to reduce the effects of obesity is to eat a healthy diet. It is recommended to drink at least two to three hours of sleep every day. This will keep your blood vessels toned and your body from getting into a more vigorous activity.

People with Parkinson’s disorder have a tendency to fall asleep at some point in the day, especially if they’re using the Whirlpool Whispure AP51030K. This is because they often find it hard to concentrate on the day without eating anything. It can be a case of excessive sleepiness during the first few hours of the bedtime. People who have had a history of insomnia should consult a physician before starting a sleep program. There are many reasons that people should seek the approval of doctors before undergoing any form of medication.


All in all, we spoke substantially about asthmas, depression, and sleeps. In the beginning, we discussed how if you are feeling a lot of energy, try to avoid the thought of being angry at yourself. After that, we talked about how if you are a sufferer of insomnia, you should try to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Also, you need to get out of the habit of sitting around your computer and watching television while the Honeywell 50250-S purifiers your home’s air.

Successes – What Do They Really Mean

To understand successes requires understanding some key points:

– Symptoms of heart failure diabetes is a disease that affects the entire body

– The most severe form of anxiety is narcolepsy and is often associated with sleep disturbance

– Our bodies are constantly bombarded with many toxins in the air we are trying to break

– Sleep apnea is a condition that is often overlooked by many, and is a common complaint

– Try to get at least 8-6 cups of fruit and vegetable each day

Insomnia and other Sleep Issues You’ll Face


Insomnia is a disorder that is often characterized by a constant feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life. This is a normal reaction to the stress that is experienced by people who suffer from insomnia. People with depression often have a hard work environment, and they often feel stressed out. Anxiety is a common feeling and one of the most prevalent of all mental illnesses. It is a normal reaction to stress and can cause a person to feel tired and fatigued. People with anxiety disorder often have a hard time concentrating on their own feelings without the IQAir GC Multigas.

More About Try

The first thing that you should do is to seek the advice of a qualified professional to determine the cause of your snoring. The doctor will be able to answer questions and find out what the cause of the problem is. The second question you should ask yourself is what is a good way to stop snoring? If you are a beginner, you should be able to find out what kind of exercise you are going to need. Additionally, if you are overweight, then you should try to get a good nights time for the rest of your life.

There are various types of treatments that can be done to alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea. The first thing you need to do is to find a treatment that will help you to deal with your condition. If you have a sleep disorder, you may need to take some time to learn about the different types of asthma. You can also try a combination of these techniques to help you to overcome your sleep apnea. If you have a breathing issue, it is important to seek professional medical assistance and find the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal. It is best to get a medical professional to help you understand the underlying cause of your sleep apnea.

The most effective way to deal with the problem is to try and avoid the intake of caffeine. The best advice to quit using this is to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages. If you are taking any of the following, consult your doctor before using it. Take a look at the list of the herbs that are available in the market. These are the ones that you will find most readily available in the online health food store. There are many different types of vitamin supplements that are available in the markets.


Insomnia is a serious condition that can be treated with rest and medication. It can be an unpleasant experience for the sufferer and can lead to insomnia. There are several factors that can cause the condition to be more serious. The symptoms of fibromyalgia can be disabling and can lead to a number of other health conditions that even the best air purifier for smokers won’t help.

The most common sleep apnea is the inability to concentrate and to fall asleep. The muscles of the upper body are more relaxed than the lower leg, which is the most difficult part of the equation. At the same time, the most important factor in determining the cause of the condition is the amount of exercise that you can do. The first step is to avoid the physical exertion that is caused by the restriction of the body’s ability to breathe.

Poor Air Quality Causes Health Issues


Another factor that may contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease is the amount of sleep that you get. The first step to managing your child’s anxiety is to learn to recognize the signs of sleep apnea:

– have a child who is suffering from a severe anxiety disorder, it is important to seek professional help

– are diagnosed with this disorder, you can help your doctor to find out what is causing your anxiety

– have a medical history of the illness, you may be able to find a treatment that is right for you

– have a medical problem, it is a good idea to consult a physician

If you wake up feeling tired, you should be able to switch on the best air purifier for allergies and go back to bed. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you should try to find a quiet spot where you can fall asleep. Furthermore, if you are a little more creative, you can make a list of the things that you need to do to get the most out of your meditation routine. You can start by sitting on a desk with your arms crossed on the ground. This will allow you to focus on the object you are going to be on.

One thing you should do is to stop worrying about the dangers of sleep deprivation. If you are stressed, you may be able to get some relief from stress. You may be able to reduce your anxiety and depression by following some basic steps. The best treatment for panic attacks is to start with a good sleeping partner.

The first step in the battle against anxiety is to recognize the signs and symptoms of the disorder and find the best air purifier for pets that will make you feel better. The second thing you need to do is to find out what is the cause of your anxiety. You may be suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, or a lack of sleep. A great way to treat your mental health is to learn how to deal with it. You can learn to use your inner voice to help you to deal with your anxiety. You can also use the power of positive thinking to overcome your fears and anxieties.

The researchers at Johns Hopkins medical school recently showed that the effects of exercise are directly related to the secretion of insulin. The study was conducted in four, in the journal of the American heart association, in eight:

– found that the participants who were given a diet and exercise were less likely to have a heart attack

– at the Massachusetts general hospital found that the participants who were given exercise had a significantly lower risk of heart disease

– also found that people who exercised at the age of 65 years were more active than non-smokers

– found that the participants were less likely to die from heart attacks than nonsmokers

If you have a history of a asthma, you should seek advice from your doctor as well as the best air purifier for asthma. In addition, if you suspect you have a heart problem, it is important to seek advice from your health care provider. At the same time, if you have a heart condition, you should seek emergency medical assistance. You should be aware of your heart condition and you will be able to make a lifestyle change. You should also learn to recognize the symptoms and then move on to the right treatment. The next cure for panic disorder is the use of anti-anxiety medications.

Should You Learn About Asthmas, Depression, And Sleep?


Issues you’ll need to discover about asthmas, depression, and sleeps:

– If you are feeling stressed, try to find something to do with your food

– Insomnia is a serious condition that can be treated with rest and relaxation

– If you are a busy, stressed out person, you may be able to get up and go to bed at night

– You need to get out of your bed and get out and do something that you enjoy


Insomnia the first night that is considered a chronic disorder of the body is the sleep-wake cycle, but it is sometimes helped with the Rowenta PU6020. The sleep is among the most critical processes the body. It is the quality of the body that is essential to a person’s overall well-being. Plus, it is a natural process that can be achieved by the use of a combination of breathing techniques. The most effective way to get the right balance of the mind is to take a deep breath. It’s a great way to get your mind off of the stress and anxiety you’d have.

Try to sleep soundly at night, and wake up feeling full for at least ten minutes:

– If you are feeling sleepy during the day, you can try to avoid eating too much

– If you are a busy person, try to find a good book or magazine that offers tips and advice on eating right

– If you are a woman who has a hard time trying to lose weight, then consider taking a good multivitamin

– Eating right is a good way to get the balance you need to stay healthy

– If you are a man, you should be eating a diet that is low in fat and sugar

The benefits of the Blueair 603 help to keep you from getting hungry during the day. It contains vitamin b6, which is important for the body to fight against infection. A great way to get your body to be nourished by the proper amounts of vitamin b12 is to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. And it’s important to eat foods that are low in fat and calories.

There are several factors that can be considered to be the cause of excessive insomnia. One of the most commonly used sleep-bearing activities is the inability to fall asleep. This may be due to the increased ability to fall down into a sleep-wake zone. The most commonly reported side effect of sleeping on the other hand is sleepiness. The sleep apnea syndrome is a condition characterized by a disruption in the normal rhythm of the breathing pattern.

For example, if you are a person who is suffering from insomnia, you should consult your physician before beginning a sleep study:

– are suffering from a sleeping ailment, it is best to consult a health care professional before you start using the Blueair 203

– have a sleep apnea, you should consult your primary care physician before taking other remedies

– are suffering from sleep apnea, you should be aware of the risks involved

– are experiencing any of the mentioned causes of snoring, you should seek medical advice

– are having a sleep problem, it is important to talk to your health professional before taking any medication

10 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat


When it became apparent that cats are afraid of cucumber, some people posted the video online which blew the internet. Well, this is surprising but it isn’t the only weird thing you didn’t know about you cat. There are tons of different things which you didn’t know about your cat. Some of these will be mentioned in this article. So let’s get into it.

Top Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat:

Here are the top things which you didn’t know about your cat:

Cat Sweat through Paws:

Cats have a bit fewer sweat glands in their bodies because they are covered in fur. Most of these glands are on a cat’s paws; that’s why you see sweat marks when a cat walks on tiles during summer season. How to get rid of cat urine smell? Cats cool themselves by licking their furs.

Cats Can Sense An Earthquake:

It’s a possibility that cats can sense earthquakes. The pads of cats are quite sensitive and most of them behave strangely before an earthquake hits. It isn’t a proven fact but some experts think that cats can sense an earthquake through their foot pads.

Cats Bump Noses:

Nose-to-nose greeting isn’t common for the cats because it puts them in an unusual situation. But cats who know each other well bump noses with each other. It helps them know each other well and gain information about the other cat’s behavior.

Cats Are Manipulative:

Well, that’s no surprise. You know very well that when a cat is hungry, he doesn’t beat around the bush. He will rub you and even meow at the top of his voice. It may seem that the cat is in distress but the truth is that the cats practice this behavior to manipulate their owners to get the things done their way. They may even pee on the floor: see how to get cat pee out of carpet.

They Purr to Keep your Company:

Humans think that cats purr when they are happy but actually they just want to keep you near. They are actually telling you to sit down and stroke them.

Cats Require Positive Reinforcement:

You should know that cats don’t understand punishment like humans do. They can’t make an association between their behavior and punishment. So it’s useless to punish a cat. Instead give him positive reinforcements, like give him a reward every time he shows a desired behavior.

Cats Can Drink Seawater:

It’s a number one rule that if a human is stranded on an island, he should never drink sea water but it isn’t so for the cat. Their kidneys are quite efficient which helps to filter the salt and allows them to get the water into their system without any problems.

Cats Enjoy the Sun:

Cats enjoy the sun heat. The reason is that the ancestors of cats were desert living animals. So you should take your cat in the sunlight every now and then.

Cats Can Learn A Few Tricks:

Just like dogs, cats can also learn a trick or two. They can learn to come at the sound of your voice or come at the sound of the opening of a car. You may even need to ask yourself why is my cat peeing everywhere?

Cats Can Dream:

Cats usually prefer naps but when they go to a deep sleep, they produce the same brain wave patterns which humans do when they dream.

Understanding your cat is quite challenge. Having a knowledge of the things you don’t know about your cat will better equip you to understand his needs.

10 Signs to Tell Your Cat Is in Pain


It can be quite challenging to tell sometimes whether your cat is in pain. Sometimes, it is visible in the physical appearance of the cat, like limping. However, the signs might not be that much apparent at other times. So if you want to know how to tell if your cat is in pain, then read this article.

Signs to Tell If Your Cat Is In Pain:

Seeing a cat in pain is no fun. The thing that is more dangerous is that when you don’t even realize that your cat is in pain. In addition to the cat peeing on bed, here are some ways to tell if your cat is in pain:

Change in Behavior – If an active cat spends most of his time sleeping, it is a sign that the cat is in pain. Likewise, if a cat becomes bad-tempered, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is getting old. Relaxed cats can become really aggressive when they are in pain.

Lethargy – Cats are living beings, so when they are in pain, they don’t want to get up and do anything. Lethargy is quite difficult to spot in cats because they sleep often, but even a lazy cat shows signs of lethargy when he is in pain.

Constant Purring – Purring is mostly seen as a sign of pleasure in cats. But it is also a sign of pain and discomfort. Kittens learn to purr because their mothers do it too. Cats in pain purr more often to comfort themselves. There may also be spraying: see Why Do Cats Spray?

The Cat’s Bowl Remains Untouched – Like humans, when cats are in pain, they show a disinterest in eating. Severe pain can cause nausea in cats which leads to loss of appetite. So you should take the loss of appetite as a sign that your cat is in pain.

Excessive Licking of A Certain Area – Cats in pain try to relieve themselves by constantly licking the area which is bothering them. Cats with urinary infections do this a lot.

Not Grooming – It isn’t normal for a cat to become greasy and dirty. Most cats look less groomed than their younger years because arthritis makes the stretching needed for grooming difficult. A cat who stops grooming should be seen by a vet.

Bathroom changes – Bladder infection is quite painful for the cat and creates an urge to urinate, so you see that the cat would be peeing all around the house when it never did before. Back and rear cat can make it difficult for the cat to bend and defecate which makes it seem that the cat is constipated. Do male cats spray? Extra when they’re in pain.

Abnormal Body Positions – A cat with severe pain will sit with his feet under her and her nose on the floor. The cat may show other abnormal positions which aren’t obvious.

Hiding – Pain can make a cat quite vulnerable, so he will try to hide himself as much as possible.

Sleeping in one Position – When cats are in pain, they mostly sleep on their right side. They don’t change their position the whole night.

Seeing a cat in pain isn’t just painful for the cat; it’s painful for you too. So you should take your cat to the vet so that your family member becomes whole again.

Things You Should Know Before Using a Turbocharger


The turbochargers have the same goal as the super turbo chargers. It increases the density of the air that enters the cylinder allowing more fuel to be combusted hence giving more power to the engine. These turbochargers are very similar in designs to the superchargers. The turbocharger uses the impeller to draw the air, into the unit which is then compressed via travel through a diffuser and volute before entering the engine. These turbochargers scavenge the energy from expanding exhaust gasses to boost the engine. The exhaust drives the turbine that causes the impeller to rotate. More gas influences the turbine to rotate faster than the holset hx40 moves.

Increase pressure

Increase of gas leads to the increase in temperature, which is not ideal for your engine.  If the air and fuel heats up too much it can deteriorate the condition of the engine and can cause knocking. As the engine starts to knock it means that fuel has ignited and the piston had neared the compression stroke. The expanding of gases makes it for the stroke to finish and drive it down the top dead center. The holset hx50 decreases the pressure and helps to run the engine smoothly.  There are few things that can reduce the knocking down due to forced induction and the common causes are:

  • Increased octane of the fuel
  • Decrease in compression of the ratio of the engine
  • Cool the air after it exit the compressor and enter the cylinder
  • FICGM greedy racing

The last option is obviously accomplished by the super coolers. In the automotive world the inter cooler is the device that makes the heated part cool before it enters the engine. The hot air is piped through the radiator like housing that is exposed to ambient air. The excess heat is released into the atmosphere and the cooled charge precedes the engine.

Advantages of turbo chargers

There are some of the huge advantages of turbo charges that makes it must buy for the car owners. The turbo chargers work closely in partnership with the car engines in downsizing the emission control and fuel economy, but not the expense of the drive ability.

These goals are complementary and bring together a performance that quality automobiles savor for.  These turbochargers also save the makes the engine safe and at the same time allow the drivers to have a safe, clean and fun to drive.



A turbocharged engine can generate as much as seven times more power than a natural engine for natural displacement. The holset hx60 gives the double power to the engine, thus making the vehicle response in a safe and convenient way. The turbo chargers also prevent the loss of power while the car is moving at a high altitude and thus providing a safeguard to the car and the machineries.


Turbochargers harness and recycle the energy produced by the automobile engine and thus transforming the fuel energy into power and helping the movement of the car at a great pace. These are things that you should know before buying the turbo charger.

Causes for Turbocharger Noise and Its Solutions


The turbo chargers are often found with screeching sound. This can be the reason of face to face vibration of exhaust gasket. The gasket cans are usually multi-layer steel shim. When the projection gets twisted or become loosen, vibration takes place between the fix surfaces which lead to the screeching noise. But don’t get confused with gasket leak because it will give a buzz like sound. But the Turbocharger Review will give a smooth whistle.

Turbochargers are now used in many passenger cars and also with the diesel engines. This is because it improves the performance of the car engine. Though it has a lot of advantages, it has disadvantages too. One of that is the whistling sound of the holset hx30. If this happens to the passenger cars, it may lead to the discomfort of the passengers. This continuous whistle sound is never liked by anyone. In passenger cars the whistling noise is caused due to unbalanced forces. The reason of the noise can easily be identified by the driver. As this problem may cause discomfort and lots of complains are lodged, that is why the manufacturers are trying to reduce the whistling noise. They are now manufacturing the turbo in such a way so that the noise gets reduced. As it has been discussed earlier that noise can be caused due to the balancing problem, manufacturer are giving efforts to reduce the unbalancing forces. They are trying to give correct balance to all the rotating parts. That’s why the chance of noisy turbo has reduced very much.

But one thing needs to be remembered is that, with the improvement the manufacturing cost goes higher.

Pulsation whistle is caused by slight differences in the volumes of compressor wheel chamber due to milling or molding process variations. Its frequency ranges from 1,200 to 4,500 Hz and occurs when the engine rotation is in the range of 1,500 to 3,500 rpm, usually in second gear. It is also the result of the number of these unequal compressor wheel chambers.

Rotational noise is the result of the compressor or turbine’s rotating blade. This makes a very high frequency noise. But this noise do not cause any discomfort to human ears as this sound remain inaudible. But animals can hear it sharply.

A quick look on the cause of noise and solution

  • When holset hx35 gets damaged: In that case you have to replace and repair the turbo.
  • Air pipe can get leaked: In that case hoses need to be checked to see whether there is any split.
  • You have to alter the engine oil or replace the turbo when the carbon build up is found in the turbo bearing house.
  • When exhaust system get blocked: In that case either you have to replace catalyst converter or silencer.
  • Change the gasket when the exhaust gas starts leaking. Also see whether the bolt is tight enough.
  • Air pipe into turbo restrict: Simply change the pipe.
  • See whether the intercooler and hoses are leaking. If so, then simply replace them.

So from next time if you find that your car is making some awkward sound then simply check the above reason.

Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot


Athlete’s foot is the most common fungal infection caused in the foot. It can become quite dangerous and deadly if not properly treated. So you should be equipped with the proper tools to treat athlete’s foot. You can go to the doctor to get rid of athlete’s foot or you can try the home remedies mentioned in this article:

Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot:

The following are some remedies for the treatment of athlete’s foot:

  1. Get rid of Those Shoes – You should go barefoot whenever you are in a moist environment. But it isn’t possible to always go barefoot. However, you can take off your shoes at home or when sitting at the office. You should go barefoot at places where you are less likely to get cut and otherwise wear the best work boots for flat feet you can find.
  2. Don’t Bleach – You should avoid bleaching when you have athlete’s foot because the strong solvents and chemicals present in bleach can worsen your condition.
  3. Baking Soda – Baking soda can kill the bacteria with its anti-bacterial properties. It prevents the moisture in the feet and controls the fungal activities. Simply rub baking soda on your feet. After that, wear socks and shoes to keep your feet dry. Repeat this process regularly.
  4. Use Betadine – If there is too much redness in your feet, it is possible that you are suffering from a bacterial infection along with fungal infection. You should wet your feet in two capfuls of betadine and half gallon of water. After that, dry your feet and put on some comfortable insoles and inserts.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar – Applying apple cider vinegar is a good remedy to get rid of athlete’s foot. Simply mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with 1/2 gallon water. Now soak your feet in the solution for about 30 minutes.
  6. Yogurt – Yogurt is quite helpful for soothing any kind of fungal infection. Acidophilus bacterium is found in fresh yogurt which helps to prevent fungal infection. To apply yogurt on the affected area, simply take some yogurt and apply it on your feet with your fingers. Leave it for two minutes. Now wash the yogurt from the feet and completely dry it. Repeat this process at least twice a day.
  7. Lemon – Washing feet with lemon juice will help get rid of the bad smell which accompanies athlete’s foot. Simply add 1/2 cup lemon juice to 10 cups of water. Mix it well and put your feet in the solution for about 15 minutes. Repeat the process three times a day.
  8. Onions – Onions have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps in treating athlete’s foot. It stops the spreading of the infection. To use onion, simply crush two onions to form a paste. Now obtain the juice using a strainer and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for half an hour and wash the area with water. After that, dry the area and put on the best work boots for plantar fasciitis.
  9. Salt – Salt helps in killing the fungus which causes skin infection. However, you shouldn’t use it if you have open wounds. Simply add 6 teaspoon salt in a quarter gallon of water. Mix the solution and soak your feet in it. Now take your feet out and dry them thoroughly.
  10. Neem Oil – Organic neem oil is quite toxic for harmful organisms. Just apply neem oil with a cotton oil on the affected area.

Now you know that food has a greater purpose other than just for eating. So don’t waste your food and use these home remedies to get rid of athlete’s foot.


Best Car Air Purifiers


The air quality inside the car can be quite disturbing for some people. The air conditioning system doesn’t purify the air but only provides cooling. An idea is to open the window but that would just mean inviting a host of different contaminants and air borne particles into the car. So what should you do in such a situation? The best thing to do in such a situation is to buy a car air purifier. Below is a list of the top car air purifiers present in the market:

Wagan EL2022 Ionic Air Purifier:

Wagan EL2022 ionic air purifier is so small that it can easily be fitted in the cigarette lighting area of your car. This air purifier functions good after being plugged into 12V socket of the car. You will experience immediate relief and fresh air after installing this air purifier in your vehicle. It helps in relieving allergies, hay fever and asthma.

The main features of this air purifier are that it eliminates pungent odors and fumes from the vehicle. It also gives immediate relief to the passenger. It is also chemical free and requires no change of filters.

ECO Breeze Car Ionizer:

This is another ionic air purifying product; it is available in three different colors which are red, blue and black. It freshens the air inside the car by removing bad smells, killing bacteria and germs and eliminating cigarette smoke. More than 300 customers have tested this air purifier and have given mixed feedback. It is quite good for cigarette smoke. The company has suggested washing the rubber seals on doors with good air cleaners

Earth Air Healthy Car Air Purifier:

The Earth Air Healthy Car Air purifier is for people who feel the need to get good air inside the car without opening the window of the car. This model was originally made to be small and quite easy to use. It can easily be inserted into the cigarette lighter port which means that it can be used in any type of car.

It has basic filters but they can help get rid of dust, pollens, bacteria, viruses and other small particles. It can also remove unpleasant smells like of smoke and other chemicals.

If you’re looking for more info about getting rid of smoke smell, check out:


Gigamax Car Fresh Air Purifier:

This car air purifier is quite good in providing refreshing smell to the car and the car smells like it just came from a forest. It makes use of popular ozone and an ion producing technology which is seen in products with different sizes. This air purifier has everything you need to purify the air within your car.

Aberobay Newest Mini Solar Car Air Purifier:

This shiny air purifier purifies the air within your car using the anion technology. It is available in red, black and white colors. It also humidifies the air when you add water to it every 10 days. It can also run on solar power.

Sharp IG-BC2UB Density Plasmacluster Generator:

This air purifier will keep your car smell great all the time. It works with consistency to remove odors and bad smells from the car and traps smoke, food and pet odors inside it. It results in a natural and fresh smelling vehicle.

Getting a clean air in your car is quite important. So stop making complaints and buy a car air purifier to clean the air inside your car.

The Causes and Treatment of Cystic Acne


Just about everyone suffers through an acne breakout at least once in their lives, but if they haven’t had to deal with cystic acne, they have no idea just how bad it can be. Cystic acne is one of the most severe types of acne – and it’s among the most common in teenage males and younger women.

If you think you may have cystic acne, you should probably go see your dermatologist. They can inspect your breakouts, maybe even take a bacteria culture, and determine whether of you’re one of the millions of Americans with cystic acne looking for a cystic acne home remedy.

But not all breakouts are cystic acne. To help fill you in on the differences, here are some of the most common forms:

  1. Acne Vulgaris: It is the most common type of acne which primarily affects teenagers and young adults.
  2. Infantile acne: It is common for older babies to develop infantile acne. It includes forms of blackheads and whiteheads.
  3. Newborn acne: This type of acne is often noticed in newborn babies. Undoubtedly, you might have seen a child with whiteheads dotting in her or his face – this is newborn acne.
  4. Acne fulminant: This acne appears on an individual’s torso. It is considered to be a highly frustrating type of acne because it is often accompanied by fevers and pain.
  5. Cystic acne: The most severe form of acne, cystic acne patches can take months or years to go away.

Causes of Cystic Acne

Before you can start treating acne, you need to identify what causes cystic acne in order to know which treatments are the most likely to work. Unfortunately, not all of the cystic acne causes have been identified. Which proper skin care and hygiene can help prevent cystic acne, experts have discovered that heredity plays a crucial role in a person’s chances of suffering from cystic acne during their life.

Cystic Acne Treatment

It is recommended that you visit a dermatologist if you suspect yourself of having cystic acne, or if you develop acne which is far bigger or more painful than usual. There are over-the-counter drugs which can help reduce cystic acne. For more effective medications which can eliminate it altogether, you’ll need a prescription.

Dermatologists commonly prescribe medications which force your overactive oil glands to shrink. This shrinkage will minimize or limit sebum production. Tetracycline if one form of antibiotic and an effective acne treatment which is commonly prescribed. There are other alternative cystic acne treatments you can also consider apart from the oral medications, including many home remedies that you probably already have in your kitchen.

Curing Cystic Acne

The individuals suffering from chronic cystic discovered the oral medication which stopped working after some time. In such situation, you can consider having a light therapy which will kill the acne bacteria whenever they are exposed. This type of treatment will also encourage regeneration of the skin to ensure you get a smoother and clearer complexion. However, you will have to get a real budget since light therapy treatment is not that cheap. This is not a primary cystic acne treatment choice.

Peeing Problems with Your Forest Cat?


Having trouble with your forest cat spraying inside of your home? It turns out, it’s not too rare of a problem after all! Many other cat owners all over the world suffer from spraying – especially when it comes to forest cats. One of the most common questions we get asked here is “why do cats spray?”

This is a question that is asked more often about male cats then female cats, but don’t be surprised if your female forest cats sprays around your home as well. Do female cats spray? Absolutely.

Most commonly however, the problem occurs with male cats – especially ones that aren’t neutered.

Has your cat been urinating in outside the litter box recently? If this is the case, then you need to pay serious attention to the cat because something is wrong with him. Something is bothering him which you can’t figure out. The cat’s peeing can also create bad smell. So you should know how to stop a cat from peeing. The following are some ways to stop a cat from peeing:

Take the cat to a veterinarian:

The first thing you need to look out for is whether the cat is suffering from a medical issue. So before looking for any other solution, you should take your cat to a vet. Getting a cat checked is quite important for the well-being of the cat.

The two most common signs which indicate that the cat might have a bladder infection or a urinary tract infections are that there is blood in the urine and the cat is urinating frequently. Due to these problems, the cat may avoid using litter box.

Clean the pee location:

You should clean the place where the cat has peed previously because the cat may pee again if the smell is still there. So thoroughly clean the stain with towel to extract maximum moisture. You should also use laundry detergent to clean the pee area. If the smell is still there, wash the place again and use enzymatic cleaners to clean the odor completely.  For more info, find out how to get rid of cat urine smell.

Change the Litter box:

You should also change the litter box because that may be one reason that the cat is peeing outside the litter box. May be the cat doesn’t like the litter box, so try out different types of litter boxes. You can choose clay and clumping litter boxes to see which one the cat likes. You should also keep the litter box clean and wash it with soap and warm water once a week if you’re serious about how to clean cat urine.

Add an extra litter box:

You should know that just one litter box isn’t enough. The general rule is that there should be one litter box more than the number of cats. This is done to make the litter box convenient and easy to use. Just think about it. If you are on the second floor of the house, then would you like to go downstairs to pee? Probably not. The same is true for cats.

Observe the social surroundings:

You also need to pay keen attention to the social surroundings of the cat. Sometimes, conflict between the cats or the introduction of a new cat to the household can cause inappropriate urination. Occasionally, it happens that something bad occurred when the cat went to pee in the litter box. So the cat associates the bad memories with peeing in litter box.

Keep the Cat away From Pee Areas:

You should keep the cat away from the areas where it is used to pee. You shouldn’t leave a cat alone at certain places once he develops the habit of peeing outside the litter box. If there are specific spots that the cat goes to, just put a double-sided tape on that area so that the cat can’t reach there.

Peeing outside the litter box becomes a cat’s habit with time. So, you should follow these tips to break the habit.

Nail Polish for Warm and Cool Skin Tones


Hey guys, yesterday, we looked at which colors would suit your skin tone, but as with practically everything in life, not everyone will fit neatly into the three main categories that we mentioned. That’s why today, we’ve decided to take another look at skin tones, this time focusing on cool and warm skin tones.

According to Respectable Reviews that I read recently, around 50% of women think they know what their skin tone is, but really they don’t. I for one, thought I had my skin tone established. I have always had a very “rosy” complexion, with red cheeks, chin and forehead, and this has always brought me to the conclusion that I have a warm skin tone. However, recently, whilst trying to find the best shade of foundation, I decided to find out for certain what my skin tone is, and I have to say, that I couldn’t believe that I was actually cool. This would explain why foundations never suited me… I was buying for the wrong skin tone.

There are a couple of things you can do, to find out for sure, which skin tone you have:

Look at the color of your veins:

Green Veins = Warm Skin Tone

Blue Veins = Cool Skin Tone

Now look at which color of jewelry suits you best:

Gold jewelry = Warm Skin Tone

Silver Jewelry = Cool Skin Tone

Now that you know which skin tone you have, it’s important to choose the right shades of foundations, eye shadow colors, and nail polishes that will look great on you, and will make sure that your skin look naturally radiant and healthy, rather than looking dull and/or washed out.

Warm Skin Tones – Warm skin tones, like that of ex-S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens, have an undertone of yellow to them, so any shade with yellow undertones will look fab. The best way to find out if a polish has yellow undertones is by either placing the bottle in front of your own wrist, or a white piece of paper.

Want even more warm skin tones? Get outside and play in the sun. Just make sure to check out some good youth baseball gloves before playing ball with your children.

Peachy colors, browns and oranges will also look great on anyone with a warm complexion. This is because these are all warm, earthy colors, so will really complement the color of your skin.

Pink and purple shades, however, along with reds with traces of pink should be avoided.

This chart below, will show you which colors suit warm skin tones best:

Cool Skin Tones – People, like Lost in Translation star Scarlett Johansson, have pink (or red) undertones to their cool skin tone. However, having cool undertones is not solely linked to pale skin. Dark complexions typically usually have cool skin too.

The pink undertones, mean that pink shades of polish will look gorgeous on you.

As a rule, pastel shades generally look best, with post lighter shades of pink, purples, blues, greens etc. working nicely with your skin tone. Yellows and peach shades however, should be avoided at all costs.

Another great way to help your complexion is to improve your diet: stop frying and read some food steamer reviews to find a great new style of cooking.

So, whichever skin tone you have, you now have no excuse not to know which shades of nail polish will look spectacular on you. This means no more comments of “You look ill, are you okay?” So, go on, go and enjoy those nails!

Inflatable Swimming Pools & Barbecue Grills: Summer Specials


The kids are finally home for summer vacation! After the first week, every parent dreads the familiar refrain, “I’m bored!” For those of us who work at home like myself, keeping children safely entertained is crucial or we won’t make a living! No matter what your circumstances, outdoor summer recreation is fun and can save you a bundle off day trips. Here are a few suggestions:

Pop Up Inflatable Swimming Pools

You can have fun without having to install an in ground pool. Whether you have a balcony, tiny yard or vast estate, a pop up summer pool is a first-rate suggestion and a better alternative if you’re looking for something flexible, simple and low maintenance. In just minutes, your children (and you!) will be cooling off in a comfy new swimming pool. Some states have fencing laws even for small pools so make sure you check them out before you get started.

We love the one with a blow up ring at the top. You use a simple pump to inflate the singular chamber then fill the pool with water. A small filter attaches through the hoses provided with the pool. You add your own chlorine tablets to keep the water clean. It is a low maintenance way to splash around on a hot day without fees or driving to get to a beach or public pool.

A few of the best Inflatable Swimming Pools available from Amazon include:

  • Banzai Crazy Crab Spray Pool
  • Aqua Leisure 48 inch Popup Pool
  • Bellows Foot Pump for Inflatables
  • Intex 18′ by 42″ Quick Set Pool Package

Barbecue Grills

Who can resist the distinctive flavor of barbecued burgers, steaks and chicken after a long day? Whether you barbecue for yourself, family or friends, summer isn’t the same without a grill. If you are an apartment dweller, verify the rules for using a grill on your balcony or outdoor space to avoid interruption of your dinner. Just use caution: if you accidentally use your grill to close to an open door or window that leads into your home, you may wind up getting so much smoke inside that you’ll need to invest in an air purifier to purge the odors from the space.

We prefer the old-fashioned round charcoal grill with a big lid. We purchased one for under $50 and love it! A cheap barbecue grill can work out pretty well, can be as effective as more expensive models.

Our friends use a gas grill and enjoy the convenience of instant cooking power. We still don’t mind waiting for the coals to heat up because they give the meat that summery flavor. When I was single, I used a folding tabletop grill to cook up a quick burger or hot dog for myself after a hectic day at work. I also used to bring it to the beach to avoid paying $5+ for a burger from the concession stand.

And a few more tips: besides meat, add potatoes and fresh summer veggies from the local market for a well-balanced meal right off the grill. Cut up the meat and veggies, put them on skewers and create your own kabobs!

A Slice of New York – Di Fara Pizza


Last weekend my brother was in town with his car, so of course I wanted to show him some of New York’s finest pizza’s, but I also wanted to catch a ride to a pizzeria that is otherwise a pain to get to by subway. We chose Di Fara Pizza at 1424 Avenue J here in Brooklyn, which has topped a good number of pizza rankings in the last several years, as anyone who’s seen their walls of collected magazine and paper articles can attest.

The critical thing to remember about this place is that it’s a little pizzeria that suddenly got big press coverage starting sometime in the last ten years or so, despite having been around for closer to forty. This had significant impact on our pizza eating experience, as I’ll explain below.

The Pizza: 8

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the few top pizzerias in the city that doesn’t use a brick oven to make its pies. Trust me when I say that this is in no way a bad thing. The pizza was delicious and perhaps the best part is that you can see the chef, who’s been making pies here for decades, ply his craft. Every ingredient and topping is sliced fresh right in front of you, and added with care before the pie gets put in the oven. The result is a pie with a delicious thin layer of mozzarella baked evenly over hand-made sauce with a slight drizzling of olive oil and topped with a flavorful and aesthetically pleasing portion of basil. The one thing that detracted from this pizza slightly is actually the exact same problem that Lombardi’s pizza had: the crust was soggy in the middle despite being thin and expertly charred everywhere else. As before, I’m forced to dock a point from an otherwise incredible pie.

The Toppings: 7

The toppings were tasty and we could see that they were fresh, as they were added literally right in front of us, but they weren’t as ubiquitous as many that I’ve had recently, and just aren’t particularly transcendent enough to get past simply being “very good” in my book. Really nothing special if you’ve had some of the city’s top pies before.

Other: 2

I regret this, but the truth is that Di Fara Pizza is another instance of an excellent pizza marred by a frustrating eating experience. As I said earlier, the chef makes each pie fresh, right in front of you, which is great. The downside is, he makes everyone else’s pies fresh right in front of you too, and the novelty wears off quickly when you’ve got a dozen orders ahead of yours. The fact that the pizza oven itself can only hold 2 pies at a time doesn’t help move things along either. We went at lunch time, about 1pm, and all told, we waited about a half hour in the congested line that was jutting out the door when we got there, with a backpack on, and perhaps another half hour after that to get our pie.

I’d been warned by several pizza critics that it might take a while to get the food at Di Fara, and that they don’t necessarily serve the pies in the order you arrived, but even knowing this, the reality is frustrating and tedious. The place is small and cramped, your standard hole-in-the-wall with seating for maybe 15 people at a stretch, which ordinarily would be okay for a pizzeria if you didn’t have to spend an hour there waiting before you even get your food. This singular annoyance detracted considerably from the experience.

The Bottom Line

Don’t go out of your way. The pizza is good, yes, but the location is remote to most NYC commuters unless you have a car, and even if you can get there easily, you may be having second thoughts after the long wait for your food. I think that if you arrive on a really off-time, like 11:30 in the morning or something, you might not have to wait, but even a few orders ahead of you can back up the entire line by maybe 10 minutes a piece, so budget your time accordingly.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre – A First-Hand Analysis and Review


Last Tuesday, on somewhat of a whim, a friend and I decided to check out the Upright Citizens Brigade, making this my second trip to the famed New York Improv venue. As you may recall, I saw two partially scripted performances during my last visit, which played to a relatively empty theatre (probably owing to the weather). Well this time was a little different.


This time around, we came to see long form improv in a format known as The Harold. These are 30 minute continuous improv performances in which the eight or nine members of an improv troop alternate jumping into or redefining a scene. Once a handful of scenes or themes have been created, they shift somewhat randomly from scene to scene, elaborating on each one until the end of the show. In at least some cases, the scenes overlap or simply collide into each other with comical results.

Another major point that set this review apart from my first visit was the crowd. When we arrived a little before 8pm, the theatre was completely packed, even to the point where there was actually standing room only for parts of the show. The crowd was pretty much what you might expect it to be, which is young and energetic, and of course, ready to laugh.

The Improv

We saw three groups perform, though I only recall for certain that two of them were Bastian and Tantrum. The improv they put on was fairly entertaining, but as I’ve discussed previously, improv isn’t an exact science and it can sometimes end up in a place that isn’t all that funny. For example, imaginary giant foam hotdog hats were very funny. Explaining that the greatest prank ever pulled was to build a second statue humping the main one in the schoolyard was very funny. Rape counseling wasn’t that funny.

This is the second time that I’ve encountered seriously taboo topics in a UCBT improv show, and both times I was less than amused. While I’m inclined to say that taboo subjects don’t have to be unfunny simply because they’re taboo, I do think that if you’re gonna go after them, you have to have a really great (and probably well thought out) angle. Unfortunately this is a fundamental weakness of improv, because it’s supposed to be spur of the moment, and at least in this case, the brilliant angle never really materialized. Sorry improv-ers, it’s just not working! Stick to the funny hats!

The Bottom Line

Despite some scenes that were of questionable comedic value, it’s still a hell of a show for just 5 bucks, and it goes on for over 2 hours, though you are by no means obligated to stay that long or even arrive on time for that matter. Just stake out your seats early and enjoy the energy and innovation of the improv Troops. The Harold shows happen every Tuesday night from now till forever as far as I can tell, so if you like long form improv you’re pretty much out of excuses to visit UCBT at least once.

Add Value To Your Coupons: Make Your Coupons Count For More


Is there a way to make coupons worth even more than their face value? The short answer? Yes! It’s easy to squeeze extra savings out of a coupon to spend even less on your favorite products and services. By doubling or tripling up on discounts, you can make the most of all the coupons and deals you find. In fact, just being a loyal customer and patronizing a particular retailer can get you started on the road to big savings right away. Take for instance, the case of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons (BB & B is one of my favorite retailers) — I’m able to store and collect loads of these coupons which I can use in one fell swoop at any time. These coupons don’t expire so I enjoy savings for my home and garden, each time I visit the store.

Double or Triple Coupon Savings

The easiest way to make your coupons worth more than their face value is to shop at stores offering double or triple coupon savings. Certain supermarkets and retailers offer double or triple coupons. Sometimes the coupon must be under $1 to qualify for double or triple savings. The face value of the coupon is automatically doubled or tripled at checkout and you automatically save big bucks without doing anything extra.

Online Incentive Programs

Sometimes you can use online coupon codes while shopping through online incentive programs. In other instances, online incentive programs may offer their own money-saving coupon codes when you shop through the store’s website. Either way, when you use coupons and earn points for your purchase, you are making the most of your money. The points add up to qualify you to earn gift cards and other bonuses without spending another dime.

Some cash back rewards sites that are of this flavor include MainStreetShares and Ebates. You can read up on MainStreetShares through this MainStreetShares review, and you can become a member by visiting this link. You can also read more about Ebates here and sign up to Ebates through this link. Cash back shopping sites are great because you receive cash when you go through these sites and shop with their merchant affiliates.

Money-Saving Supermarket Cards

Many supermarkets such as Pathmark and Shop and Shop offer money-saving supermarket cards. You sign up for a savings card at their website or customer service department within the store. The account is completely free and a card is issued immediately. When you present the card at checkout, watch the savings add up! Special discounts for cardholders only are applied right away. Use coupons with specialized customer savings to get the most money off your purchases, especially if you’re looking for a cystic acne home remedy.

Another benefit of being a local customer who carries retailer cards is the opportunity to receive special coupons sent by mail and printed at checkout. These exclusive coupons for cardholders can help you save even more. Use them with manufacturers’ coupons for the greatest savings.

Combine Deals and Coupons

Take the time to combine deals with coupons. Peruse the local shopping periodicals and look for weekend coupons to see where the deals are. Review your coupons to match up deals to coupons. By doing this, you are taking advantage of the deepest discounts from both manufacturers and retailers.

I love to double my savings by taking advantage of deals and coupons. Often, retailers time deals to coincide with coupons appearing in your Sunday newspaper. Last week, I saved big bucks off high end L’Oréal hair products. I purchased L’Oréal VIVE shampoo at CVS at the discount price of $2.99. With the $1 coupon from the newspaper, I only spent $1.99 on a shampoo bottle worth almost $5.

I also saved a few bucks off L’Oréal Excellence hair color by combining a CVS weekly deal with a $2 manufacturer coupon. The double discount meant that I only spent about half price for an item I use regularly!

Try Coupon Trading

Another way to make the most of your coupons is to participate in coupon trading opportunities. Get coupons you want while you get rid of ones you don’t need. Coupon trading allows you to squeeze value out of every coupon you cut!